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Thursday, November 1, 2007

   So today my friend said to me, "Ya know, you're strong in almost every situation but you suck at dealing with love. Its your Achilles’ heel.' And thats very true.

Today I told the boy I like that I liked him. I t was a most traumatizing experience, may i say. I need help my more-experienced otaku friends. I told him i really wanted to get to know him and he was smiling as I told him this. That's good right? Would you smile if someone you didn't really like was telling you they liked you?

The problem is.. like 5 other girls like him. And on of them is my friend. Although she was the bitchy friend no one really likes. Man, my life is like a really badly made drama movie.

I'm always such a confident person but... I'm guilty of thinking no one could like me. It sucks. Drama sucks.

but haha how are you guys? lol Ready for winter?


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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My senior class went to the renaissance fair. But it rained the entire time!! We didn't get too go to any of the cool shows and we were SOOO cold! It kinda sucks cause that was one of the few trips we go on.

Anyway, i'm getting to much homework in school. Anyone else having that problem?

Ja ne


ps. I took the latest quizzes.

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Yeah... I know. I haven't been on in ages and have probably lost half my friends... which sucks. But im back! hopefully! See senior year has been really stressful what with the senior project i hadn't done till the last minute. But im done now!! So im definitely going to try to be on more.

So if i still have friends out there. Sorry! Im gonna try harder now. i even got to a few sites today and commented. See, its all a trend of upwards otaku-ness. lol


Back from hiatus


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Sunday, August 26, 2007

   A scattered dream
Went to Dorney Park today with my most important people.
Summer went out with a blast.
Let's hope for the best with the upcoming year.

Yeah I'm a Senior! ^-^

"Sora. You're lucky. Looks like my summer vacation is... over."

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Today i went shopping in borders. Due to my small wallet i only bought 2 books. I got Fruits Basket 17 and the novel Howl's Moving Castle. Well, i already read Fruits Basket and it was REALLY good. It was probably the best volume in a while.A lot of secret were revealed and my favorite Sohma was in it quite a lot. Thats' right, I am a Kureno fangirl through and through.^-^

My cousin asked me to be her bridesmaid a few days ago. So i'm really happy cause i've been to a wedding before let alone IN one.! Not to mention i'm really close with her and she's such a good person. I feel honored.

Tomorrow i'm going to see Temple University. Ah, collage visiting how i loathe you. But it must be done.



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Tuesday, August 7, 2007



Yup, i'm pretty happy. lol I passed but i was soo scared the whole time! Parallel parking has nothing on me though. haha

I also got the book Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer. Which I was really looking forward to getting. So today has been pretty good. lol

I have some art to get up but i really don't feel like getting it on the computer. lol I'm so lazy! *scratches back of head* I'll get it up soo though, promise. ^-^

Thanks to all you guys who always comment. You're soo awesome. love you guys all super much. See ya later.


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Monday, August 6, 2007

Today I beat the game Tales of Symphonia. My brother and I played it together(i was loyd, he was Kraros/Zelos) and after 61 hours(wow), we beat it. It was a pretty good game, but you may know it has multiple endings and i managed to get the one ending... i didn't want. So i'm pretty mad about that... but whatcha gonna do. ^-^

So now i have that bittersweet feeling cause im glad i beat it but bored cause now i don't know what to do... well, i know what i SHOULD be doing. I should be practicing my parallel parking for my driver's test tomorrrow. But I don't wanna!! lol Cause I can park fine I just know i'll choke when I get there. This sucks!

Anyway... how are you guys doing??



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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

   I just got my internet back!! Yay!!

There was this really bad storm by my house and we lost our cable for three days. It was pretty rough. lol No On Demand and internet made em clean my room. thats how bored I was. I'm pathetic. haha

It august. Tomorrow. I'm speechless. Summer is almost over... *sigh*

How are you guys? Are you excited for school, or are you dreading it?


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Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm Back!! Otakon was Awesome!!! I was one of the best experiences of my life. No lie.

I go to see Vic Mignogna(EdwardElric, Dark) andd Steve Blum(Spike Speigal, Orochimaru. they were both really funny and really nice. We got Vic to say the miniskirt line(if you know what that is, you'll know why thats awesome ^-^)I was gonna get signatures but the lines were REALLY long! So me and my friends kinda gave up and did something else.

We also met Maki Murakami. The author of Gravitation.She was really shy and didn't let us take pictures of her but she was rally nice and just so cute cause she was so modest about everything. This was her first con. It made me appreciate the books more, it think.

We also went to a Naruto Fan panel where we talked everything Naruto which was really fun, cause everyone one there was as naruto obsessed as me. lol

Alot of other things happened but the post would be too long. I got lots of cool stuff(like a BR shirt, naruto wallscroll, pic from the artist alley, ect.). And had lots of fun.

There were many cute boys and really good cosplay too.

Hope i can go next year. Did anyone else go? What did you do? See ya ^-^


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Thursday, July 19, 2007

   Otakon is TOMORROW!!!!
I am soooo excited. This is my first con and it's going to be crazy, I hope I don't get too overwhelmed. I'm going with my two best friends though and i'm going to cosplay as Tenten(Naruto) it's not very good but maybe i'll put it up on here. I'll definitely update as soon as I get back. And respond to pms and visit sites.

See you guys all later. ^_^


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