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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Wow i havnt posted in so long noww!!!
Well yeah the title says it all lol. ANYWAYY!!! HOW HAVE ALL OF YOU BEEN!?!?! o.o lol well i been good this last weekend I had a party at my houseee it was fun! xD yeah my friend kassi came from bellingham which was awesomeee i love her so much!! >.< i wish she lived here again..it sucks..anyway After my party(saturday oct 29) kassi and i went for a walk and while we were walking this dog comes up and like tackles us happly n shit it was so annoying. It kept following us and playin around so like when it tackled other people they just glared at us..and we had to like explain ourselves lol xD but it kept follwing us till it saw somethin else so we just ran from it and went to my friend edens! But Kassi and i only got to see her for like a split second which sucked >.< So we just lefted and Kassi called Reese(other friend) on my cell..So like we headed over to his house (which is like by QFC) yeah and while we where walking there that dog like fuckin notices us and it run/tackles me -.- so...yeah..when we got to Reeses we're like "It kept following us" yeah so when we were walking back to one of the schools the dog like runs in to middle of the street and causes hella trafic so im just yelling at it to get out of the way but it just ignores mee...>.>; lol. Yeah anyway then Kassi, Reese, and I walked by this one house and the dog sees this little girl and ran over, barking at her and she started to scream and stuff which was halarious.lol.but then we ran away b4 we got blamed and for the sake of getting that dog away from us >.< lol and it worked. But soon after that Reese had to go and so did Kassi and I because of a party we had to go to. But the only way kassi and i could get back to my house was going pas the dog..but Reese told us to go through the construction site if we didnt want that dog to follow us..so we did and we got our shoes all muddy. lol xD yeah when we got back to my house we washed our shoes and lol blowdryed them which surprizingly worked..then soon we went to pick up Kendra and head to Alexs party which was awesome. at Alexs i saw this guy with awesome pants <333 (was her cousin mikeeyyy <333 ) and like..I like pointed at him and said "i want ur pants!" and held on to the chains xD and didnt let go. Also Kassi and I where handcuffed together so we walked around chained lol Kendra was too xD so we all went to teh haunted house at Alexs and stayed there for the rest of the night :3 yup! It was awesome. xD

well hm who ever read all that i thank youu for listenin to my shit xD LOVE YOUU!!! anyway Ima jet
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