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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Weeeewt! Lol wow yesterday was like an awesome day. My friends Kassi and Julia came over adn we just walked around holding hands and waving at people in cars. Then Kassi had to go. WHICH S.U.C.K.E.D. cuz shes going to be moving in a while ;__; Anyway..Julia and i where bored so we went to the mall. We saw some people we knew there and we snuck up behind them and scared the shit outta them. hah also Sam n Shelby asked if we wanted to go get a Volcano from that rainforest caffee place so we went there and had one! :3 it was yummy..Then after that we walked aroun in the stores and stuff and then i had this awesome idea...I went around to ask random people to sign my arms! :D lol it was fun i got a security gaurd to sign my arm lol he was kewl! he started to talk to us; also this other guy from the Vans store put his bands name on my arm, FWTB. lol haha also we saw my friend Eden there and she like wrot ein huge letters penis on my arm lol. Anyway thats it for nowww.

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