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Monday, May 16, 2005

Im tired of everyone at school..they are so annoying..well except for my friends. like this onefuck cody he is so annoying!! i hate him..he is so stupid.....I WANT TO KILL HIM!!! CUT FUCKING TEN INCH CUTS ON HIM POUR SALT ON ALL OF EM AND SEVER HIS HEAD THEN PUT IT ON A STICK AND FEED IT TO THE CROCS!! D:<..OH AND THIS ONE FUCK NAMED SEAN!! HE SUCKS!! HE FUCKING IS SOME ANNOYING JOCK TYPE PERSON AND BUGS ME ALL THE TIME!! I wanna do the same thing to him...hate jocks..they are so annoying and rude...if they both dont watch it they prolly are gonna get jumped.
well anyway, thanx for reading my rant. i need to go..bye..

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