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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

   Long short story, about 2000 words or so..., be warned!! it is a sad story!!
She dashed down the cobblestone streets, feet thudded against stone and black cloak clung tight to her body from the wind of her speed. Long amber hair trailed in a whip like fashion behind her. Her breathing was rough and labored, and the cold air burned her throat. But she didn’t notice, didn’t notice the cold wind that burned her throat and stung her eye’s, didn’t notice how much her feet throbbed, no all that mattered was saving HIM. She blindly followed the path that would lead to the village square, the path that would lead to the gallows. A storm was brewing overhead, dark clouds blanketed across the sky, casting shadows upon the land. And casting shadows upon her heart. Thunder rolled overhead and lightning streaked across the sky. A single drop of rain fell from the heavens, from the dark clouds that soared across the lands. The rain caressed her cheek and then dropped to the ground, like a tear. But she had no time for crying, no time to fret over labored breathing and throbbing feet, HIS life was far more important. Life that was measured in precious, precious minutes. The sky reddened, and slowly the sun fell across the sky, this would be her clock, the clock that would destroy her life, for it was at sunset that HE was to die. How ironic. She thought, for the sunset was a beautiful thing, and often thought to be romantic. Instead it was going to destroy many lives, and crush her heart. She held back tears, and muted a sob. I can’t think about that any more, all that matters right now, is to get to the gallows in time. So she put aside these thoughts, but one question remained in her heart, and slowly it strung her mind with sorrow. For in her heart these words beat soundly like a drum. And what if you don’t?
A large crowd lay ahead, gathered at the gate to the village. She cursed under her breath as the crowd forced her run into a jog. She pushed her self through the crowd, squeezing between bodies and pushing others aside.
“ Hey watch it girl!” one man scolded.
“ What do you think your doing?!” a women gasped.
But these words were a minor annoyances, just a low buzzing in her ears, like buzzing insects, and just as insignificant as the sound they represented. Finally she emerged outside of the crowd and broke into a sprint, pushing herself to make up for the lost time. But as the gallows emerged on the horizon a sudden force pushed her back. Pain engulfed her body, and she believed that one of her ribs was cracked. She looked up, and towering above her was a muscular guard, he was dressed in chain mail and leather breeches.
He scowled at her and said, “ all rebel forces are to watch this event from inside the dungeons!” he made a grab for her but she was to quick, like a mouse fleeing from an owl she darted to the side and swiftly scurried out of site. “After her!!” the guard ordered. Soon after several guards gave chase to her. She quickened her pace and kept her eyes on the gallows, but alas, it was to no avail, for the guards tackled and restrained her just a couple feet from the gallows. She struggled against their grasps, but the hold was too strong. And so she cried out, cried out to the people to save HIM, cried out for the execution to be stopped. But no one answered her calls, and no one paid mind to the girl, who struggled against fate. For it seemed inevitable that a death were to happen tonight. But why should it be his death? She thought quietly to herself. Why can’t it be my life that is sacrificed? Why must I be put through a punishment worse than death? Despite what a heart may speak, all that is done is usually for ones own gain. And then finally it happened, the sun caressed the land and gongs sounded at the time, sunset. All lay silent as the final gongs rang and the execution began. The executioner looked at the girl and slowly his body began to shake, then vibrate and then broke into near convulsions. At first she thought he was having a heart attack, or maybe a stroke, but what she found out it was, was far sicker. She glared at him with disgust in her eyes. And even though his head was hooded, she could have sworn what she saw in his eyes was pure malice. For the thing that caused his body to shake, was laughter. He was enjoying this! Enjoying the thought of killing the lands last hope of peace! Monster. She thought coldly. And then he spoke.
“ let this boy’s fate be known to all as the fate of all who appose the king!” he said with what sounded more like glee than a threat. And then HE came out. His light brown hair was damp with sweat and blood, and long scars covered his lean body. A black tattoo of a snake winding around a castle was on his arm. The indication of the rebel leader. He held his head high even though these moments were most certainly his last. He stepped onto the platform, and the rope was placed around his neck. Even though it was just a rope, what hung around his neck was death. And then the switch was pulled, and the platform fell beneath his feet. He tried to breath, but all he could manage was a few raspy breaths. And then he saw her, his eyes softened into what seemed like liquid emeralds, and then he said it, he said the worlds that she had so longed to hear ever since he saved her from these very gallows. Only now it looked like she wouldn’t be able to return the favor.
“ WO AI Ni.” he said, but it was no sooner that these words passed from his lips did he stop struggling and fell into the deep void known as death. A smile still remained on his lifeless lips from these sweet words, and forever would she hope to remember his face like that. A serene face, like that of an innocent child who was deep in sleep. Yes, that’s all it is he’s asleep. She tried these words out in her head but every time she thought them a voice rang out in her head, a voice like a bells ring, but not nearly as sweet. For the voice said, death is here, and life will continue, he is dead, and you can’t do any thing about it. These words were true, as much as she hated to admit it, and life will go on, but not for her, her life was his, and now it seemed as if time itself had died. She stopped struggling against the guards and fell limp to the ground. The guards just ignored her and walked away, after all when a woman’s heart is broken it will not permit her to move. In this death no blood was shed, yet the scenery was very appropriate. Scarlet light cascaded down and flooded this scene of sorrow. Rain began to fall, and as the scarlet light mixed with the water it cast it to be blood. Even the tears that she shed upon the ground were dyed red in the light. None of the villagers made a sound but inside their hearts cried out. Mothers hugged their children close and husbands laid a protective arm around their wives shoulders. Slowly the village square emptied, no one stopped to comfort the girl at first, even though they all knew the relationship she had with the rebel leader. But it was not out of cruelty, they just knew that she would not except their sympathy, and didn’t want to be pitied. Yet one woman tried, she walked aver to the young girl and knelt down to be at eye level with her.
“ Why don’t you come to my house for a cup of tea?” offered the woman. “ you must be cold.”
“ I’m not cold.” the girl lied, she wiped the tears from her eyes and looked the woman squarely in the face. “ not in the least.”
This was obviously a lie for the icy rain drenched the girls’ body, and even the woman’s teeth chattered. “ come to my house” the woman insisted,” and I will help you feel better.” and that last part was not a lie, this woman had many children and knew just the thing to heal a broken heart. But the girl shook her head, denying how she felt inside and insisting that she was okay. Eventually the woman gave up. Seeing the true damage done to the poor girls heart. Her heart is bleeding, and it won’t get better. Life was far too cruel. The woman thought sadly.
No one else stopped to help the girl, they knew she would deny it, she would deny it all. She would deny the rain that beat down upon her shoulders, she would deny the way her heart cried out. She would even deny the love that she had felt for the rebel leader, if that would ease the pain in her heart. But she could never forget him, he was the angel in her life, her safe haven, the one thing that she could rely on to support her in her hour of need. And now he was gone, as much as her savior as the one who destroyed her life. Her angel, and her death. Her sweet, sweet angel of death. For he was indeed an angel who touched her life and then with that same touch took it away from her, all she wanted was he and now even he was out of her reach. It felt as if a ice storm was blowing through her body. Cold truths biting at her soul and slowly tearing away her sanity. The light of the rebel leader gone, she moved blindly forward in that cold. Part of her mind wanted to stay put, and just fall into the cold of the death, a little pain and then all would be gone. Darkness, emptiness, all would engulf her. And then she would be free from the cruelties of the world. But she struggled on thinking constantly about what the rebel leader would do in her situation, and he would move forward. But I’m not like him. She cried. I have no will to live, no purpose, and what is life without a purpose? She hugged her knees and put her head down, silent sobs shaking her body. And when finally all had left the village square, she cried. She wept for all the chances she had, all the chances to tell him how she felt, and she had missed them all. She wept for all the people she had known, and who had died, this war was destroying her, it had pushed many to the extremes of suicide. And finally she wept for herself, wept for all she had lost, and all who had lost her.
Her amber hair was in a swirl around her head, but his time she didn’t brush it back. All she had ever cared about her family, murdered, her friends, dead. And now there was the love of her life, hanging in the gallows like a fish just caught. Her crystal blue eyes were red from weeping, and her amber hair was soaked from a mixture of rain and tears. Slowly she staggered up and walked over to her lost love. Holding his hand and sobbing his name into the silent night, as if that would bring him back from the dead. But it didn’t, for once you have gone beyond the door of life you can never return. So she continued weeping. Many days past and still she wept until one day the tears stopped flowing and the sun rose to greet the dawn. She closed her eyes and released his hand, her own falling limp to the ground. For the hand of death had taken her too, for grief was what had delivered her to her doom. And to this day at sunset the sky is dyed red with blood, the blood of unnecessary wars and blind hate. And to this day when the sunrises the sky is dyed blue with tears, the tears of those who have lost.


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