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Friday, June 29, 2007

   Dramatic lines!
sorry, i've had these lines stuck in my head for awhile, and while i thought about them several thoughts flowed into my head. and here they r: the lines r kinda cheesy, some truth to it.., would i use a boy for it?, wow i really like being dramatic and cliche, it sucks, oh well i'll use it any way. and the lines r....
boy: I love u
girl: u can say "I love u" millions of times and never mean it..can u?
girl: plz just tell me
boy: *bites his lip* no, I guess i can't *then reluctantly leaves*
girl: *collapses on the ground sobbing* why? why can't he love me? *cries until her brother comes*
well those r the lines, so what do u think?

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