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Friday, May 11, 2007

   Updated manga and other junk
I will soon be able to update faster now that i have a better knowledge of my software. i will be updating some more fan art and some stand alone comic strips.i will now rant about how i detest school, u may skip this part of the post.
i absolutly loath school!!! gaahhhhh!!!! stupid tests and quizes!! school is good for me and all i know that but geez! i hardly have time to draw!! i've been able to sneek drawing a few of my manga pages but seriosly!! it'll take me three centuries to get anything done if this non-stop onslaught of homework doesn't stop soon!! long term projects, finals, essays, and a bunch of other junk i don't care about!! gaaaaaahhhhh!! thank u for listening to my rant.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

   The battle After the fight
Where I stood the ground was red,
cry's of war rang through my head.
my blood dripped from the fight,
corpses lay on the ground tonight.
"the battle comes after the fight" a wise woman once said.
this old saying echoed through my head.
these words like a wolfs bite,
i clenched my teath, and shut my eye's tight.
even after my wounds healed my soul still bled,
my soul impure from all the blood i had shed.
i tried to forget with all my might,
but the bloody battle was too much of a sight.
and i wondered, as i lay in my bed,
did i feed the good or the evil instead?

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

   Guest book
Please sighn my guest book if u visit, and if any of you have suggestoins for my manga i'm all ears. the whole point of putting my manga on otaku is to find out what people think of it and what i need to improve on...please respond.
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Sunday, April 8, 2007

   Easter and the evil chocolate
Happy Easter every one!!! and for those who arn't christian, u may ignore this post. the " easter bunny" came around and gave me alot of chocolate, and now frankly i'm sick of it. honestly how in the world did this "bunny" buisness start?! Easter has nothing to do with bunny's what so ever!!! right now i'm so sick of chocolate i have taken to eating cheese. ( yum!) sorry just wanted to rant.
- scarlet Dimise ;(

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Monday, April 2, 2007

Despite what i had last typed, now i feel love. there is someone who i feel affection for and i don't know if he loves me. He has told me time and time again that he loves me, but i am not sure. sometimes love can seem fake and this love is stuck between fake and completely real. do any of u people ever feel the same about ur love? u do not have to respond. Am i crazy to think this? please respond.
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   Life and Love, which is the worse?
Life is stressful enough, add to it the pain and pride of love, and you get one giant pit of heaven and hell. they say that love is one of lifes many joys, but i belive that to be falty. love is being crushed and doing the crushing, feelings trampled and others lost. many of us can only see what we think we want instead of seeing what the heart cries out. We disregard those who have feelings for us and instead move on to those who don't. Destroying all that lives in our hearts for those who lives in anothers. Greed over powering commen sense and lust destroying love. Infatuated withour selves we move forward not careing who we trample. desolation and despair only lays ahead, and yet we are drwn toward these things revelling in them only to be crushed by what we desire. so i will ask is love really all that?
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Sunday, April 1, 2007

I have now posted a Manga and will have updated several pages. pleasae understand that i will have many style changes and that certain things may not add up. At some point I may edit these pages but untill then please deal with it. please regard me kindly.
-Scarlet Dimise ;(

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

I have now figured out how to scan properly, thanks to all who have helped me. And special thanks to Animegirl99 who helped me out ALOT. i will now be updating a manga. please read it when i have posted it. thank you

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