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Saturday, June 26, 2010

   Summer Time!
Last post was at Christmas time... damn. Thanks DarkWolfDemon for the comments! ^.^ Hehe!

Last semester was pretty hard for me I had this chemistry teacher who hates my guts so much that she'd go out of her way to bother me in class and lower my mark. -_- She was messing with my head on the exam, too, by bringing in free donuts for the class... gave me mixed feelings! XD Biology was really hard, being my worst science, but the teacher was really friendly so he kept me sane... English was fun, and calculus was a lot of work and thinking, but still enjoyable. ^.^ I'll be at university next year, doing history for my undergraduate degree and law for my graduate degree.

Anyways! I'm thinking of putting up a new theme of the anime and manga Berserk! Also, I'm thinking of blogging less, and, instead, I'm gonna start using this site to post some of my essays that make references to animes/mangas; my life is too boring to blog about anyways! ^.~

Well, I'll still be visiting sites and Worlds, and checking out fanart and the like. Maybe I'll edit and add some stuff to my review world. ... I just remembered that I wanted to rant about legalizing marijuana in Canada, but I'll save it for the next post, I guess! XD See Yas! *^.^* *hugs*

... Oh! And I remembered that I made an AMV dedicated to all of you, my friends on MyOtaku/TheOtaku and DeviantArt! It's a tribute to Cheza from Wolf's Rain, as well, so here y'all go!

Same video on Photobucket, though.

And MegaVideo.

Also, I got an account on animemusicvideos.org (under the same username of course), so if anyone wants to add me to their friendslist and share videos, then go right ahead!

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