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Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm so tired
Well, I went to my first anime convention last weekend (Fan Expo), and that was a lot of fun! ^.^ I'll put up some photos and talk about it a little more in another post.

The day after I went to the convention (Sunday) I had a party at my house, which was supposed to be a big party with almost all of my school friends (30+ invited). However, apparently some big, immature fight has occurred between my friends and some were busy with stuff, so only 4 people could make it. @.@ It was still a fun party, though, we played Apples to Apples, Pictionary, Scrabble, and a quick card game. ^.^

Well, my post on OtakuBoards is receiving a lot of comments, surprisingly! ^.^ However, most of the comments are from moderators/OB staff, so they support pretty much everything on TheOtaku. Now, some of them have been implying that I'm selfish and the only person who prefers MyOtaku. So I was wondering if those who prefer MyOtaku too can add a reply about why you like MyOtaku...? And can you pass that message onto any friends who prefer MyOtaku, as well...?
Here's the link.
I'll post the results of this thread in another post (I just don't wanna make this post too long).

Sorry for not visiting sites last time. I was pretty busy with that thread and doing whatever my parents were throwing at me that weekend. Yesh, my parents are at it again this weekend. Their dragging me to the bloody island, and I can try to get on the computer using that internet stick, but chances are that everybody else in this stinking family will be using it. -_- Hopefully, I'll be able to get on during the school year. I'll visit sites tonight, though! ^.^;

School will be starting on Tuesday for me. T.T I guess it won't make much of a difference, except that I'll be busy with homework after school instead of entertaining my parents' guests and going out for dinner with my parents and such.

Holy crap! I'm going to end the post here, before I get any more gloomy! XD Sorry about all that (there are some amusing videos in the previous post if you want something more cheerful)! See Yas!

1. Turns out that my parents couldn't make it, and my friends were able to show up late. ^.^ I talked to some people there, and made some friends, and it was nice!

2. I got the autographs of the English voice actors for Galatea, Priscilla, and Miria from Claymore.

3. Batman, Sailor Moon, Rugrats (that show is awesome, whatever happened to it?), Arthur, Monster Rancher, Pokemon, Digimon, Escaflowne (I forgot it for several years, then remembered, looked it up, and fell in love with it again XD), and X-Men. That's all that I can remember at the moment. ^.^;

1. What's your favourite thing about your pet? Or what's keeping you from getting a pet? ^.^;

2. What was your first convention like? Or if you haven't gone to a convention, do you want to go to a convention?

3. How are you?

^ I'm running out of questions and creativity. XD

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