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Saturday, April 11, 2009

   Yay! (Repost)
I'm just reposting this, because all those photos are making it difficult for many people to access the site. XD

Wee! Itís the long Easter weekend for me! Friday and Monday off! And I donít have any homework! WOOOO! ^.^ Iím so happy just because I donít have any homework. ^.~

So obviously I havenít really been up to much due to all that homework. However, when I was shopping for some anime DVDs I found a box set of Cowboy Bebop DVDs for $60, which is a really good price for anime here. So Iíve just finished watching Cowboy Bebop and itís awesome! I definitely recommend it, because I donít think anybody can dislike this anime; Cowboy Bebop has great, unique characters and interesting themes and good music and everything! ^.^ Homework and watching Cowboy Bebop have been the only things Iíve been doing lately.

During the Spring Break I went to Barbados. Thereís awesome weather in Barbados and so many Bob Marley fans (that made me happy)! *^.^* I have some photos from Barbados, but I warn you that there are a lot of them:

Also, while I was in Barbados working on a history project and 60 goddamn history textbook questions (yes, my teacher is a jerk at times), I made some fanart! You donít have to read the descriptions in them, because I sort of ranted about all the history homework in one of themÖ And how I hate yaoi fangirls on top of itÖ And about the end of the worldÖ ^.^ Yesh, just ignore it, itís for your own good! XD

I was on DeviantArt a bit last night, tackling that list of 600 pictures to look at. Iím trying to check out other peopleís fanart and stuff, but on TheOtaku itís a little more difficult because the update thingy is retarded. So if you want me to look at the fanart you have on TheOtaku, Iíll be happy to check it out! ^.^ And Iím going to try to get to all the sites and Worlds that I missed during my last visit. ^.~ Yay for free time! *throws streamers*

By the way, whatever happened to the VersionVibrant Resistance Corps? It seems to me that TheOtaku has been getting worse, and MyOtaku has been deserted. We need to get a bunch of people to start complaining again. -_- This premium membership crap is driving me nuts, and now TheOtaku is just like all those other sites; it used to be unique with itís friendly and welcoming community and home page news section, but now itís developed classes and has craploads of advertisements everywhere.

Well, I intend to keep this post upbeat, so Iíll leave it at that! ^.^ Oh yeah! And Iím thinking up a new theme, featuring the dragonslayers from Escaflowne! ^.~ Happy Easter everybody! I hope youíre having a fantabulous weekend! I shall visit sites and Worlds now to see how youíve been doing while Iíve been gone! ^.^ See Yas!

1. My lifeís been rather hectic. Going to Barbados with all that homework didnít help, and my teachers arenít too good this semester. Well, my English teacher and chemistry teacher (who was my physics teacher too last semester) are great, but my history teacher and functions teacher are awful! @.@ However, I donít have any homework this weekend and thatís awesome! Yay! *^.^*

2. My first ever obsession now is Watchmen by Alan Moore! ^.^ As a fan of the original comic book, I disliked the movie though.

3. I like to come on MyOtaku and watch movies in my spare time! ^.~

1. What should I name my new computer? My old one used to be called Famille, but I never gave this one a name! *GASP!*

2. Do you buy anything if it says that itís on sale? Even if you donít need it or have never wanted it?

3. Have you met any nice new members on TheOtaku yet? Iíve been meaning to get out there and start making some new friends to make up for the old friends who left the site when VersionVibrant arrived; Iím lonely! @.@

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Friday, April 10, 2009

   Barbados Pictures
Here are some photos from my Spring Break spent in Barbados. I'll start with the few scenery pictures. The scenery is so green! When I looked out the plane window I was so happy because I'd been stuck in this world of white and grey for so long! XD

That's all the scenery photos I took. Now, here are some pictures I took during the St. Patrick's Day celebrations!

^ He's this guy I met just down the street from the Irish pub I was going to. He was wearing this awesome outfit, so I asked to take his picture and seemed eager and happy to have me take some pictures! ^.^ I think he always wears this stuff, because his shop was themed similarly.

^ He's the bartender at the pub I went to; he has an awesome hat!

^ I borrowed his hat. Hehe! XD

^ My dad and my brother being strange. Another awesome hat though! ^.^

And that concludes the St. Patrick's Day festivities! ^.^ The rest of the pictures I took are of animals. Barbados had these cute little green lizards, yellow birds, and a stray cat who I named Cake.

The End! Yay! =^.^=

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Monday, February 16, 2009

   I Miss Y'all!
I miss everyone on here so much! I keep wondering what *insert username here* is doing and stuff like that. T.T I don't have much time today to visit anyways, but I thought I should try to get in a couple visits and update my life on here so my next post won't be as huge. XD Most of this post is just pictures and stuff, so please don't be afraid of the length... O.O

I miss a bunch of my friends who don't come on here any more too, like lordsesshomaru, CDandDVD, DarkWolvesFaith, Icey Tigeriss, Leiko Yume, Magnus Lensherr, ... there's a massive list of my friends who have seemingly dropped off the face of the internet! @.@

Well, during the holidays and second semester I've been getting really creative. This is sorta why I haven't been on here in so long; I must vent what little creativity I have before it disappears! XD Forgive me! v_v So here's some Watchmen fanart I did during the Christmas break:

I also made a quiz when I was really bored for Watchmen. I wish I hadn't made it though, because it's really lousy. I mean, the pictures are alright, but the questions and answers are retarded. I made it because I was bored, so I didn't look up some of the things about the characters and I only read the book for the first time (now that I've read it a second time, there's some things I'd like to fix and add to). So take it at your own risk:
Which Watchmen Character Are You?
Which Watchmen Character Are You?
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime

Lastly, I made an AMV for Escaflowne, but I had to upload it on Photobucket because YouTube has gone copyright crazy... o.O

I have some pictures of my pets to show y'all too, since y'all have shown me a lot of nice pictures of your pets! =^.^= My cat's name is Amy, and my dog's name is Dodger (I used to have a cat named Oliver to go with Dodger, but he died very young unfortunately T.T)

Amy doesn't like the flash...

1. I just stayed at my cottage for the holidays.

2. Thanks Raina for helping me with the font colours thing! *hugs* ^.^

3. I have no idea what my resolution should be for this year... I guess it would have to be to stop procrastinating! ^.~

1. How's life? I haven't been on here in so long, so I don't know how everyone is doing; tell me! ^.^

2. What's your current obsession?

3. What's your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

Well, that's all I have for you guys today! ^.^ I hope everything is going alright for everyone! See Yas! *^.^*

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

   Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
I've missed y'all soooooo much! *hugs* Yay! It's the holidays and I don't have much work to do! ^.^ The only work that I have is for this extracurricular thing that I joined in school; a Mock Trial Tournament. In the Mock Trial Tournament schools choose 8 students to try out and play the roles of witnesses and lawyers in a team for the case their given, then these teams compete against each other as if it were a real trial and a judge decides which team did the best job (sorta like a debate team).

How is everybody? Look! A new theme, sharks! I'm really in the holiday spirit there. XD I have time to visit sites and Worlds now! I'll also be on DeviantArt, so if there's any particular art that you guys want me to check out just let me know (since I have 400 art submissions to check out anyways! XD Haha). ^.^;

Sorry, I sorta feel like babbling/ranting, so you can ignore the next few paragraphs. Well, I'm sure that y'all have heard of a comic book called "Watchmen" by Alan Moore (the dude who wrote "V for Vendetta"). I just finished reading Watchmen about a week ago. I was making some fanart for it on Friday-Tuesday, which is why I wasn't on here earlier (I haven't submitted it yet, but it'll be up in about a week).

Watchmen is an AMAZING book! I know you're thinking "it's a comic book, kid. Calm yo' ass down." But this book isn't like all those other lame ass comics like Superman and Spiderman! The "superheroes" are all normal people who have just worked out a lot and only one character has super powers (1 of the 5 or 6 main characters). All the characters are unique and well developed and the plot is... well, when I read the end of the book I was like "WOW!!!!" So yesh, the plot is great, and there are many good themes as well.

The problem with Watchmen is that it's so good that it makes most other comics look bad, so good luck trying to pick up something else for a while. ^.^; Also, when I was reading it, I told some of my female, school friends about it. (Here comes the rant). My friends laughed at me and said, "Pffft! Isn't that a comic?! You HAVE to read Twilight!" After my friends said that, I self destructed, because Twilight is a Mary-Sue fanfiction that somehow was able to get published into a book series, and Watchmen is fantabulous (I actually like Watchmen more than To Kill A Mockingbird; that's how good it is).

Therefore, my friends, please read Watchmen! It's a great book and just because it's a comic book, doesn't mean that only guys can read it. Now, on with the rest of the post! Here's some fanart I've made:

1. The worst Christmas present I've ever received would have to be a giant set of Prisma pencil crayons. I know you're thinking that that's a nice present, but when my little brother gets an Xbox and I get pencil crayons, it's really not that great. T.T

The best Christmas present I've ever received would have to be my awesome walkman that I got last year for Christmas.

2. I really want a new set of good quality headphones, because my old set broke and now I'm stuck using really lousy headphones.

3. I think my mom said that we're having lasagna tonight. ^.^

1. What are you doing for the holidays? Visiting any family members, going to a party, travelling, etc.?

2. How do you get coloured font in comments, now? (Sorry, these are just out of my own curiosity).

3. What is your New Year's resolution?

Here's some cards for y'all! ^.^ :

Sorry for the lousy cards; I only have MS Paint! ^.^; Merry Christmas! *^.^*

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

   Busy; sorry.
Sorry everyone, I'm probably gonna be too busy to visit sites and Worlds this weekend, but I'm just posting some pictures and a video for you guys to see, if you're bored. I miss you guys soooo much! My friends at school aren't as awesome as you guys! *^.^* Anyways!

Here's my Halloween pictures! Last Halloween (you may remember) I was a dragonslayer from Escaflowne. This year I was a zombie.

Last year's costume:

This year's:

I got a haircut at the end of August and donated my hair to bald cancer people, and that's an old gym class t-shirt. I apologize if my ugly face scared you (I'm ugly and I was talking to my mom as she took the pictures) and that the blood on the shirt is too light (I bought fake blood at a party store, and when I poured it on the shirt it was the perfect colour, but when it dried it came out too light). Also, my mom didn't take any pictures of my legs, since I was in a rush to get to school; I had a pretty gross-looking leg wound that my school friends enjoyed poking. ^.^ This was my first zombie costume attempt, and it's the funnest costume that I've ever made! *^.^* I might do it again next year. ^.~

As for the video, it is the video that I made for my school's Remembrance Day assembly. I might tell y'all a little more about that next time. ^.~ Tribute to Forgotten Soldiers:

I might work on an AMV this weekend, if I have time. I'll dedicate it to TheOtaku and MyOtaku! ^.~ Also, I made a new theme a while ago in MS Word, so I might put it up during my next post (which will probably be during the Christmas break). ^.^

Well, I've started exercising again between homework assignments, and my grades have gone up a bit. Thanks for all the great comments on my last post! I was surprised to get so many, and they really help make my days go by better! *hugs* Y'all rock!

1. After spending so much time debating the death penalty in law class, I'm not really sure where I stand any more on the issue. I think I'm more against the death penalty than I'm for it though, since it can seem hypocritical at times and there's the risk of killing an innocent person.

I also learned a lot from the debate though, so to answer any questions:
- the death penalty is surprisingly more expensive than keeping a person alive for life in prison, since prisoners do work and the methods to kill prisoners are expensive (according to the against-side of the class debate)
- states with the death penalty and states without the death penalty have roughly the same crime rate and murder rate
- most prisoners who get released from maximum-security prisons commit crimes almost right after their release
- crime rates within maximum-security prisons are extremely high

2. My favourite holiday is Halloween, but I can't wait to have that Christmas break! *^.^*

3. I dressed up as a zombie, went to school, then watched some movies at a friend's house and ate some candy. ^.^

1. What are some of the worst Christmas presents that you've ever received? and What are some of the best Christmas presents that you've ever received?

2. What's one thing that you really, REALLY want for Christmas?

3. What are you having for dinner tonight? (Hehe, sorry, I ran out of questions! ^.^;)

That's all for now! *^.^* If I have time, I'll visit some sites and Worlds! I miss you! See Yas! ^.^

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

   Buried Alive
Well, it's Thanksgiving weekend for Canadians now, so I have a long weekend to hang out on MyOtaku! *^.^* I've visited a couple sites when I found time, but I'm still gonna be away for most of the next 9 months. Happy early Thanksgiving to everyone! I doubt that I'll be able to find the time to come on here on Halloween, so Happy early Halloween as well! ^.^ I'm dressing up as a zombie for this Halloween I think... if I take any pictures, I'll show them to you! ^.~

Life's been going rather poorly for me lately. I think I'm on the verge of a nervous break down or something, so I've come here to let off some steam ^.^; This semester I have Biology, Physics, and Canadian Law. I used to be taking Accounting, but I dropped it because I had too much work from my other courses and the teacher was a bitch. Seriously, the teacher is biased and she marks assignments based on how much she likes people. Since I've dropped Accounting, my makrs have started going up. I was struggling with all the homework, so I was only getting in the 70s percentage range, but now I'm getting 90s in Canadian Law and 80s in Physics.

Other than working terribly hard to get my grades up, I've also been working terribly hard to get my lousy ass, phony school to bring back the regular Remembrance Day assembly. Remembrance Day is this day we have in Canada to remember the sacrifices that Canadian soldiers have made to make Canada and the world a better place. At my school, we usually have an hour long assembly with a moment of silence and a guest speaker (usually a veteran).

However, we got a new, phony principal who doesn't seem to give a damn about the soldiers (or anyone else for that matter), so our Remembrance Day assembly was cancelled and in replacement there is a 15 minute announcement with a moment of silence in it. So I protested to this and I argued with that phony for half and hour during my spare period, and a bunch of the teachers argued with the phony, so now there's going to be a 30 minute assembly. The phony principal said, "we don't have enough time to have another assembly this year. Myself and the committee picked out the events that we'd have assemblies for and this just didn't make it on the list." In other words, the phony principal didn't think Remembrance Day was important enough to give full acknowledgement to, despite the fact that Canadian soldiers have dedicated years and even the rest of their lives just so that phony can sit in her office and pretend to care. 30 minutes is better than nothing, but it's still not enough.

Maybe I'll post more about that later, but right now I'm gonna visit some sites. I keep getting depressed and angry a lot though. I think everything will start getting better when I get some time to relax and exercise, hopefully my grades will improve some more too. I have 2 pieces of fanart that I'd be glad to get some comments with constructive criticism on:

< Haku and Zabuza from "Naruto" (I think I did pretty good on this one).

< Bando from "Elfen Lied"

If there's any particular artworks of yours (or a friend's) that you'd like me to check out, please just say so! *^.^*

1. If I were in the army, the only decent role that I can imagine myself playing would be a very strange one: I'd like to be some sort of person who goes to dying soldiers who have no hope of living, and I'd like to just sit there and chat with them and try to make them feel better. Stupid, no? For some reason that's the only thing I could see myself doing that would be sorta helpful in the army. I think I like everyone else's answers more though! XD

2. When I was in grade 6 I dialed 911 by accident. It freaked me out a bit, but I told them it was an accident and apologized for wasting their time.

3. I use a walkman to listen to my music, since they have the best portable sound quality, but if record players were made portable, I'd be using that! ^.~

1. Are you for or against the death penalty/capital punishment? (We debated this in my Canadian Law class).

2. What's your favourite holiday?

3. What are you doing for Halloween? and/or What are you dressing up as?

Thanks for your time! *^.^* See Yas!

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

See Yas!

This is probably going to be my last post until next summer, so it's going to be long. Therefore, I don't need everyone telling me "Wow! That's the longest post I've ever seen" and so on. -_- I'm hoping to get on next weekend, but I doubt I will... My parents keep dragging me up to our island (it sucks there; no electricity, no privacy, no entertainment), so I'll beg them to let me stay home next weekend... maybe I'll rent the house from them. XD I'll try to come on whenever I have free time though. Also, I'll probably post fanart throughout the year, because I would like to develop some art skills... T.T Tell me if there is any fanart, fanmanga, wallpapers, etc. that you want me to check out, when I come back next summer though! ^.~

I'm working on some fanart right now of Haku from Naruto, but I'm not sure what I should work on next... Should I draw Bando or some Suikoden III characters? I found out, after visiting everyone's sites and Worlds last week, that a lot of my friends have left TheOtaku and MyOtaku! T.T I have some friends who are just taking a break, but the majority of my friends list has left, because they didn't like the changes... That depresses me a bit, but I've found some of them again on DeviantArt (if anyone else wants me to add them on DeviantArt, speak up).

I was supposed to go to Fan Expo (1 of only 2 anime conventions that comes to Toronto) with a friend yesterday, but my parents said I couldn't. You see, my parents don't give a damn about my happiness; their damn happiness always comes first, my whole family is very self centred (and I bet I sound self centred just for saying that). My dad got a bee in his shorts yesterday though. That was pretty funny; it stung him on the leg, the ass, and the dick. It was quite the riot for me. XD

I was thinking about speech problems the other day... random topic here, but whatever. And I sorta have speech problems, like I slur words together and I can't pronounce things correctly all the time. It's not a bad speech problem, but it's worse than the average Joe's. XD I really hate it when people make fun of words that I say wrong though. I mean, they're rather minor mistakes, and some people just get a riot out of it. And they're always the kind of people who make a lot of spelling errors or typos too! I don't pick on them for making typos and what-not, but if I did, they'd probably blow up in my face about it. I hate hypocrites like that. -_- Sorry for wasting your time with this rant, it's just been on my mind.

Last Friday was my last day of work. My boss, Sean, said he really wants me to work them again next summer, so I guess I did a good job afterall! ^.^ They're so nice there though; they got me a farewell card, and they even bought me a gift certificate for HMV (CD and DVD store) and took me out for lunch! I'm gonna miss them! T.T Surprisingly, Natalie (the girl who I was trying to be nice to, despite our differences) didn't even sign my card or look up when I said good bye to her... Wow. XD

1. I really admire people who are loyal, honest, hard-working, and selfless.

2. Like: My monotone and deep voice! Most people hate my voice, they make fun of it a lot (I don't mind though). It's great having this voice though, because I've been really sarcastic towards some of the teachers I don't like, but they don't notice because my voice sounds normal. XD
Hate: I'm a cynic, so my life is rather "unenjoyable" due to my negative outlook on everything. Also, I'm a big hypocrite as well. XD

3. I wish I had a talent! Everyone I know has something they're really good at, but I'm not really good at anything. I'm good at some things, but I'm not REALLY good at anything. T.T

1. What role would you play in an army? Like infantry division, medic, armoured divisions, etc.?

2. Have you ever made an emergency phone call (dialed 911) by accident?

3. Which do you prefer to listen to: walkman/CD player, MP3 player, iPod, record player, or cassette player?

That's all then. See Yas! I'll miss y'all! T.T

Please check this out if you haven't, I want to know what needs to be improved:

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

   To be or not to be: that is the question...
Okay, last time I posted I got to post on a day that I didnít think I was going to be able to. This time Iím posting significantly later than I intended, because some more unexpected family crap came up (my family is trying to ruin my life, those bastards). XD Iíve finally set up a World! Itís called ďBe All My Sins RememberedĒ and it has a Bando theme as well, but itís obviously not as good as on MyOtaku.

So how does everyone like the new theme? My other Elfen Lied theme was about Lucy, Mayu, and Mariko, but I read the manga recently and now Iím a huge Bando fan! ^.^ While I was watching the Elfen Lied anime I kinda liked his character, but he wasnít developed enough, so I chose Lucy, Mayu, and Mariko to be my favourite. I definitely recommend Elfen Lied to everyone, if they like tragedy and science fictionÖ unfortunately, the manga leans a little more to the pornographic side than the anime though. -_-

Next week is my last week of work, and Iíll be happy for the extra time, but Iím definitely going to miss the nice atmosphere that there was at my job. Hopefully, during my last 2 weeks of summer before school/Hell starts again Iíll be able to come on TheOtaku and MyOtaku some more! ^.^ School starts for me on September 4th and Iím probably not going to be able to get on MyOtaku until next summer again (and only on the weekends).

Iíve done quite a bit of shopping, since I have money from my job. Hereís a list of stuff Iíve bought:
Hellsing OSTs
Escaflowne the Movie OST
Claymore volume 12
V for Vendetta (the comic book)
Helling Ultimate (the OVA) 1
Hellsing whole anime series
Saliva- Back Into Your System
And I plan on buying Loco Loco- Planet Loco and some Elfen Lied mangas (I read it online, before I decided to buy it myself).

Iíve put up some new fanart and a new chapter/part to my fancomic (it would be VERY much appreciated, if you would check out my fancomic and give me some constructive criticism)!
Fanart: http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/259673/%2A%2Aspoiler_warning%2A%2A_the_smoker < Spoiler warning to anyone who hasnít seen past episode 35!!!
Fancomic: http://www.theotaku.com/fancomics/view/3809/evil_people_will_win%21_%28remake%29

Well, Iíll be off to visit everybodyís sites and Worlds today and tomorrow! *^.^* Iím going to see Dark Knight tonight, so I wonít be on all the time, but most of the time! ^.~ I still have to set up some of this new computer too!

1. You already know my answer to the ďIs it alright to kill?Ē question, but my response there is only to an ideal situation. If it were something like a hostage situation or something, then itís just fine with me if someone sends in a sniper as a last resort or something ^.~

2. I hate religious people who try to force a religion upon me or others (Christians and Jehovah Witnesses are notorious for this). It's even worse if somebody tries to convert a person who ALREADY HAS A RELIGION! A Christian friend of mine pissed off a Budhist friend of mine by doing that to her... That particular Christian friend of mine is racist as well... why the Hell am I friends with her?! I also hate sluts. I have nothing against prostitutes as long as they're not carrying STDs, but sluts (who don't do it for money, but for popularity and personal happiness) piss me off to no end. I hate people who all think the same; "great minds think alike, but weak minds seldom differ." Basically I hate people who dress like all their friends, listen to the same music as their friends, and act/think exactly the same way as their friends. Most of the popular kids at my school are like that, and my brother is like that. -_- So I hate a lot of people, but I don't normally hate them without reason. I usually try to give people a chance before I say I hate them (the only people I really hate are my brother, mom, and dad) like with Natalie.

3. All life holds value, whether it be human, plant, animal, insect, or fish. =^.^=

1. What characteristics do you admire?

2. What's one thing you hate about yourself and one thing you like about yourself? (I don't want any false modesty or angst in this answer! XD)

3. If you had one wish what would it be? (Sorry for the uncreative question. XD)

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wow! Iím an idiot! XD Sorry, everyone! I told yíall I was gonna be away this weekend, but I misread my calendar, so Iíll be away next weekend to entertain guests. But the next time I come on here I might have that new computer! *^.^* Hee! I hope I do! I miss my friends who have Worlds, and if my new computer works well on Worlds, I can set up one of my own and keep in touch with them! ^.~ What should I name my new computer? The one Iím using now is named Famille (French word for family)Ö maybe I can name the new one Familia (Spanish word for family [LOL! Iím creative *sarcasm*]), since I took Spanish 2 semesters ago. As you can see, I have a new theme up, and Iím sorry for not visiting your sites before (but Iím sure youíre sick of hearing that). Iíve ordered a bunch of stuff from amazon.com recently (because I got my first paycheck now, woo), so Iíll tell yíall about that in my next post.

Work is going alright; I don't feel as bad as before about it anyways. I think the thing that cheered me up from before (other than my dear friends here on MyOtaku) would have to be the exercise. I started exercising again that weekend, and it felt really good. So if anyone is feeling depressed, go work out! ^.~ Now, onto the more interesting stuff in the post, because Iím dying to hear your responses on some of these topicsÖ

WARNING: This is probably gonna be a long post with a lot of randomness (it doesn't flow very well).

Now this is a debate I've always had with myself, and itís been bugging me a lot lately: is it bad to kill, even if it is for the greater good? If we are willing to kill in order to save this world, then this world is not worth saving. However, if we allow the monsters (the rapists, the murderers, and all that) to live, will the monsters continue to hurt the innocent? And if that's the case, the lives of the innocent will be saved, but to what cost? And would that not make ourselves monsters, if we choose to kill to save others from misery? If we use killing as a form of justice, would that not justify all killings with a purpose, thus creating more monsters to kill? But it is a circle this debate, because it is likely that for every monster that's killed pure, innocent people will be saved as well; perhaps creating the idea of a balance of "good" and "evil" in the Earth. Therefore, killing to save the world isn't worth it, and instead the world should be left to run its course. Live and let live, and live and let die.

I don't understand the meaning of homophobia! I mean, it's the only discriminatory phobia that exists, and the only way that phobia can act on a person is if they are somehow aware that another person is a homosexual. Therefore, there is no REAL phobia for homophobia, and it's merely someone being a bigot! However, I also donít like homosexuals who try to centre their whole lives around being homosexuals by acting out and trying to fit into the stereotype. If youíre gay, youíre gay; nothing more, nothing less.

Isnít it so strange how friendships are on the internet versus in real life? Or maybe I should just say on MyOtaku instead of the internet. In real life, I have only 2 friends who have been totally loyal to me and have never betrayed me or let me down in anyway. Whereas on MyOtaku, well, just look at us! It seems quite a few of us have had shaky or seemingly non-existent friendships, but on MyOtaku weíre truly loyal to each other and everything we believe in. A lot of older people, psychiatrists, and computer-phobics think that enjoying life and caring for people you meet on the internet are a bad things, but sometimes it feels like Paradise on here! Yes, ď[Paradise] has neither perfect happiness, nor joy, nor life; this is because it also does not contain perfect sadness, nor misery, nor death.Ē (< One of my favourite quotes from Wolfís Rain). Therefore, living in our internet Paradise can help us with many things and make us happy, but (perhaps) it can still be harmful to us socially.

That's all now! ^.^ I'll visit some sites; maybe a few Worlds, but I'll start visiting Worlds more often when I get Familia! ^.~ See Yas!

1. I'm craving donuts! ^.^

2. I'm listening to "Sora's Folktale" from the Escaflowne Movie OST. I'm listening to it on the computer, but I've ordered the soundtrack as one of those many things I've bought on amazon.com. ^.^

3. If I could go anywhere I wanted... hmmm... Well, y'all know I've been to Italy twice already, but I could live there! I love Italian food!!! *drool* ^.^ ... change that first answer to donuts AND Italian food! XD

1. Just in case you didn't state your opinion on this yet... Is it alright to kill, even if it is for the greater good? (Donít let my response affect your answer, because Iím interested in all different sides and points in this debate).

2. Should anyone be discriminated against for a physical feature they have or the way they think?

3. Is human life the most valuable form of life?

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Friday, July 11, 2008

   Guh, feeling dead. (No pun intended)!
Well! *hugs Magnus, Kitsune, and Raina* Thanks a lot you guys for getting through that last awful post I left y'all with. I'm really sorry that I didn't get to your sites like I said I would; I'll try to get to them tonight, but it's not likely. I'm busy again. T.T

Okay, this weekend I'm going to my dad's friend's cottage, where there's no internet, and next weekend I'm entertaining guests. However, to make up for my absence I half-promise you that I'll come on more often and visit sites AND Worlds (all of them)! Yes, I've placed a computer order with Dell, and if everything goes alright I should get an awesome new super computer in 3 to 4 weeks (long time to wait). I've been told this new computer has Vista and I'm not sure if that's good... so does anyone know if Vista is any good?

As for my job, things are going a bit better, thanks to you guys and some assignments Sean (my boos) has been giving me. I don't like calling myself a "summer intern" because, like I said, I don't really deserve that position. I'd much rather call myself "Sean's assistant." XD So Sean's been giving me all these little projects that he doesn't have the time to do himself while teaching me stuff. Today he gave me a pretty hard one for someone who doesn't know much business stuff, and I worked really hard on it by making charts and showing data comparisons and stuff and I think I really impressed him. ^.^

Also, Bruce, Lee (my boss' boss), and Maureen (a nice woman who was on vacation during my first 3 days, and who I met on Monday) are sorta buds now. As for Natalie, I heard Lee talking to her once about how useful she's been to our section and how smart she is. So even though I generally don't like people who socialize too much, I'd really like to give her a chance (I'm telling this to my inner cynic more than to you guys). Natalie also invited everyone in our section to go out for lunch at a very nice, low-priced restaurant, which (I've heard) is what Bruce normally does. Hehe, so things aren't so panicky, and hopefully I'll be able to act more like myself around all these people soon... well, not too much like myself, knowing my cynical ways. XD

New theme! I know, all these slightly unfortunate people in these pictures seem to be all women, I can explain (I don't hate women). Since most of these pictures were gathered for an assignment for my girls' gym class (see introduction), it helps to feminize things a bit. Also, in animes a lot more male characters die sad deaths, so I wanted to put up some more girls because I've been drawing too many guys in this style. By the way, my comic's coming along now! I only have 2 pages to go until the 2nd chapter is done! Huzzah!

Here's a reply to the comments in case I don't get to your sites:
KitsuneTsuki: I really hope you're not sick, and that you're back to craving things as usual! ^.~ And I hope you're right about that weird thing just being a nerves-weird thing, because I'm usually a calm person. Thanks so much for your support! ^.^ *hugs again*

Magnus Lensherr: *monster hugs you back* Don't worry about crying when you're around people, I tend to do that too. My family and I go on vacations for a whole week during Spring/March Break, and on everyone of these vacations I've either cried or come close to crying from being stuck with them for so long! I'm glad we share the same incapabilities! XD And it's good to know that good people CAN come in large numbers! ^.^ I'm glad that you enjoy your job as well! ^.~ Thanks again!

Raina: Thanks for being so straight forward there, you're so sweet. I forgot that part of an intern's job was to learn, Natalie's learning too, so that makes me feel a little better about that. I'm still don't quite deserve to be there though, since I'm just a lucky high school student. ^.^; Hehe, I'm just curious, but how did you humiliate that old manager of yours? Thanks so much, I've missed you too (and don't worry about not being around all the time, your happiness should be your first priority)! *hugs again*

Sorry, I've got some really good questions for the next post though, and a pretty good post too! XD Thanks again everyone! I always know where to go whenever I need help! ^.~

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