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Saturday, April 12, 2008

whats up with u guys...sorry ive been gone for a while...i was having trouble getting my laptop back from my dad and now im back!...im trying my hardest to keep up on what i missed....ive been bored lately...what have u guys been up to??all ive been doing is getting caught up in dramas at school
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

IM REALLY SORRY!!!...i havnt been commenting lately and i am REALLY sorry..my dad took away my laptop just because i forgot to cook the rice(its my job).T_T...wow huh?...i get it back everyweekend..so i can comment on the weekends...sorry i cant keep in touch everyday..but i promise i will work extra hard everytime i get my laptop back...well thanks again for stopping by!CEEYA!
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

OSU!!!...hi people im here to talk about music...I LOVE MUSIC!!!ITS MY LIFE!!!!!...I CANT LIVE WITHOUT MUSIC!!!WHO DOESNT LIKE MUSIC?!?!?.....if u said no the u can go and fall in a pit somewhere far away...well set ur volume to high cause this song is going to rock ur world!!dont u love the song??Its made by these really small kids and they're called hey!say!7and the song is called hey!say!cool huh??u MUST listen to the WHOLE song...it might be slow at the beginning but after a while..BAM!!!...its fast..I LOVE IT!!!...oh yea coco if ur reading this then listen to it cause i i wanted to ask everyone if they liked it and stuff for the dance thingy...but i dont think they will or in more case cause they have other songs...but oh well....so lately im been pretty bored....what have u guys been up to??im all ears cause my days r pretty much crap....
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

....well its getting pretty lonely here on myotaku...no ones been coming here since version vibrant came out...its pretty sad.who knew that this could totally screw up that whole myotaku thing...personally i like the old one better...(new subject)...so during school we're doing these dance thingys...we're doing this song called himawari..its a good song but there were a lot of other songs i was REALLY looking forward to..but oh well...*sigh*...they were songs by "news" too....sniff sniff....well forget about that...i cant do anything about that...so...im really sorry for not commenting on peoples posts lately...ive been getting lazy lately and im not really feeling myself with the dance thingy and theres another thing that NO ONE....knows about...not even my best friends....i keep it inside...it makes me feel sad though cause i cant have it.....im sorry for talking random things...well thanks A BUNCH for coming here....i dont even deserve this...im sooooo sorry...well ARIGATO!!CEEYA!...(like the new song by news???ISNT IT AWESOME!!!...its called devil or angel...)
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Friday, March 14, 2008


HI GUYS!!!.....i cleared my friends list....i think i deleted some people by accident....if u feel the need that ur not supposed to be deleted please say in the comments or pm me...cause i think i deleted some of my good friends...i just did it cause i was bored...not a lot of people are hanging out on myotaku anymore...its sad...i really dont like the new version vibrant....its not as good as they say it was...I CANT PUT ON MY PICS OR MY VIDS!!!!!I NEED THEM!!!!!......well thats all i have to say..thanks for stopping by...i know im really boring at times so all i have to say is thank-you...well g2g CEEYA!!!!!!!

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Monday, March 10, 2008

   ....NOT MUCH...
hi guys....sorry its taking me a long time to reply..its just that my laptop is getting really slow lately and not i have a limited time on the computer...sucks...im really sorry if i didnt comment on some of ur posts...i feel really bad..well trust me ill try my best to comment on everyones post....HAVE A NICE DAY!!!TTYL!!!
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Friday, March 7, 2008

.....so things are happening at school that are really making me feel disgusting.....its all to confusing and yesterday i just fugured out that he looked ike a piece if shit!.....excuse the language.YUMI!,COCO!,HIKARI!,KUMI!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

VERSION VIBRANT IS HERE!!!!!......I even got a new gb to celebrate it.....LOL!!!!!DOESNT YAMAPI LOOKS SO HILARIOUS TRYING TO EAT THE CUP CAKE THINGY!!!!LMAO!!!HES SOO CUTE!!!.....well whatever....I got new music too,to celebrate.....its by the group named "NEWS" its the band with yamaPi in it.THEY ROCK!!!!I LOVE THEM!!!!...."NEWS" is a japanese boy band that is very popular in japan.....and they are very good singers......WTF????im supposed to be talking about version vibrant here!!!!!.....well sorry to bother you about my fan-ness about yamaPi and "NEWS"...they just really rock.....well thanks for coming by,and hope you like the new O as much as I do....CEEYA!!!!!
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

I know this is sort of random but DOESNT YAMASHITA TOMOHISA ROCK!!!!!!!HE SOO COOL!!!HES AND ACTOR A SINGER AND AN IDOL AT THE SAME TIME!!!!......well some of those might be the same thing....BUT STILL!!!!HES KAWAII!!!!!

HIYA PEOPLE!!!!......this post doesnt really have a purpose.Just came to say what i did today.....well today we made these business cards for our media mark.This guy named sebastian in our class(sebi for short) took like maybe 1 hour to find a pic of an ipod!lol.It was hilarious.He can be really dumb sometimes.lol.well anyways,the winner for the speech thingy was KUMI!!!!!(kumi101)I WAS SOO PROUD THAT SHE WAS ACTUALLY GOING TO GO TO THE BOARDS!!!!!FWEEEEEEEE!!!!CONGRATS KUMI!!!!....well......that pretty much wraps up everything.well thanks for stopping by!CEEYA!

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Monday, February 25, 2008

OSU! today is my b-day and im soo happy!Well first of all,i didnt have to do my speech and everyone said happy b-day to me which made me very happy.Then we went skiing for the second time now.I FINALLY MADE IT TO THE TOP!!!I GOT THE WRISTBAND THINGY!!!!IM SOOO HAPPY!!!!Also i have to say,im good in making turns.(dont mean to brag).It was soo fun going down the hill.We went down so fast! Me,ashley P,sebi,andrew,kenja,adrianna,sydney,christine and leo went down together.We played follow the leader.Although we didnt have a good time following people.We all pretty much went all our own ways.-_-.Well leo bashed into me when i was going down and he also bashed christine.He said it was our fault when he was the one who was bashing into us!.....well all i have to say is that i had a lot of fun and i think this is the best b-day i have ever had in my life!!!!

P.S. thanks you for all who gave me gifts(the b-day thingy)

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