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Monday, July 30, 2007

Moving Rant, hated past friend, and rants.


Well there is nothing to really talk about.

I WILL moving back to Texas before school starts and dammit all to hell it will be in the same town as a hated past person.

Pfft. Taylor Andrew Cate. I hate him. At one time you could say that I liked him. >_> I did like him and all when I was younger and we hung out all the time. He was like the 3rd or 4th crush that I had at the time.

=3= He did flirt with me a lot when we hung out. Like he would come up behind me and poke my on the sides or grab me and carry me and that would result with me elbowing him or kicking him in the shins. Also he was the first guy that I saw naked. 0_o I was like 11 and he was like 12 or 13 I don't remember and I choose not to. ~that was an accident by the way his mom's fault for telling that he was dressed and it was his fault too for telling me to come in 0_0.~

But our house caught on fire and we moved and then she(Hahaha, I love my typos. he* XD) said evil and cruel things about me. So that made me hate him and then he went and dated a Senior girl when he was a Freshman. ~gags~ That is gross. He more of a loser than I thought.

Now I am gonna be in the same town as him....Again. ~kills self~ ~sighs~ Well the town or rather city I am moving to has like 3 high schools and I am gonna be moving in to the area that has the newest and the biggest high school and I just hope that he doesn't go there.

Well that is enough of my ranting and complaining you all have a good day and all.. =3= I am drawing right now. So yeah. Ummmm..... well yeah...

Well yeah…. I am outta here for now..


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