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Sunday, July 29, 2007

   Boredom and money.


Well I am bored. =3= nothing to do. Even though I got like the best slip on shoes that I have ever had. They are freaking awesome and if I figure out how to get the pictures off of the camera on to the computer I will show you them.

I am finally drawing guys…. A LOT better than before. They are smexy bishis and they make me and the people on DA happy so it is all good. -3- I am totally lost on a conversation that me and like 4 other people are having because someone just popped up outta nowhere and I am lost as hell now.

Pfft. I have been shopping for the last 3 or 4 days. The most money I have ever had in my hands and I have to spend it on clothes. =3=‘ $200 I had 180 at one time but yeah. I am not like rich or anything. But my dad buys me anything I want for either my birthday or Christmas other than that I don’t get anything unless I save up for it. Examples: Games, drawing stuff, programs, anime, manga, and drawing books.

The last game I got was Haunting Ground and that was in January. The last thing I got for drawing was 4 months ago and that was my sketch book…. And the same one that I draw in. Then anime would be the one for Christmas gift. Manga would be like 3 years ago was the last time I got a manga ummm I think it was Fruits Basket. Drawing book would be 6 years ago and it was a character book that you learned how to different styles of characters.

Well here is my art that I did. Tis Yuki… and you can go to the previous picture and see what it looked like before I found my outlining pen. =3=

Yuki's Bishi Sexiness

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Also here is a wallpaper that I did.

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and another this one is the one in on my back ground. Tis Gin
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Well that is if for today. I will have to get to all of you later… I am bored and I am drawing Yaoi… ohh god it might be to hentai for the O… 0_= Because you don’t want to leave me alone when I am bored…. I draw Hentai… I guess because I am bored and curious.

Well yeah…. I am outta here for now..


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