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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Updates and bordom.


Well today I just found out that ph3@r was finally deleted by the mods and that she made another account but by some stroke of luck PP444 guessed the password and deleted her! That is the most amazing thing ever. I bow down to PP444's "Hacking" Skills! >w<

Ignore everything below this unless you wanted to know what I found out yesterday.

Well here is another update. Here is some of the information that I got from PriestessPower444's comment. I have to PM her to get the rest.

PriestessPower444's comment:

Thank you so much Sasukesangel!! You're so nice to stand up for me this way even though I'm not well acquainted with you. I have some words she said to me that could help you. her pattern doesn't target seniors and legends.

She targets people who she feels get too much attention for their art.a PM she wrote to me:

Ph3@r's words:

alright you little whore, that art sucks and gets too many votes! you need to pack your bags because crap like yours has no place! i'll get all the filfth off here starting with you, ya fat hussy!

~yet again she can't get a dictionary and look up the words or that she didn't pass kindergarten~

Well I guess Ph3@r doesn't have the attention span of a fly and doesn't have the brains that god gave a goose. Also this is what my dad said: (yes I told him what was going on)

She is probably nothing, but a little child that is jealous of the other... what did you say ------ Ohh Octakoos (Lol yes he said that. >W< But I still loves him. Silly dad and then I corrected him) Otakus okay.

Cha that is what my dad said! 0_o He does have a very valid point.

Also she turned off her site so that she couldn't be reported and investigated any farther. I sent a PM to her and I got an answer to it and that was after she turned off her site. So she is still out there. She is just waiting for us to calm down and have a false sense of security. We need to either ignore her or get her kicked off the Otaku for good.

All she does is harass people, flame, and destroy well known artists works of art.

Well that is all for that.


I am bored. I am finally getting help with drawing guys! YAY! ~dances~ I can already draw guys kinda, but now I will be even better. =w=... hehe... yes...

Well yeah.. that is all for today and I hope that you all have a good one. I am outta here for now cya!


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