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Wednesday, July 25, 2007



There is a threat going around she hasn't been stopped by anyone not even the MODS! We need your help to get rid of her ChainedDarkness and I have noticed a pattern. SHE GOES AFTER SENIOR OTAKUS AND OTAKU LEGENDS. We are worried and CD is worried that I might be on that hit list. We have noticed that she goes after the artists that update with amazing artwork too.

She did this to priestesspower444's art:

She makes CD and I shudder. When we see that. She is an evil maniacal bitch that won't stop. She is going after other artists too she has a "List" as she says. She is out to get us. CD and I are going to keep you updated on the details. But first look what she wrote.

ph3@rs EXACT words:

serves that bitch right! but anyways, for those of you who are outraged, don't worry. i'll leave ehr alone and move on to the next one on my hitlist. aww, did ya think i was just gonna go after her? naw. too much attention for a bitch like herself. there are so many ppl to anger next... who first? kittykoma? or perhaps koolaid guy? maiden of life? whtdragon? who first? >:D

~Good god. People she doesn't know what English class what for that is for sure~

We are unsure of who she is going to attack next, but we know it maybe on of the Otakus listed above. But we can't be certain on that fact. Ohh please god send us a Mod that will take her off.

That is all for now I hope that you guys help us get rid of this Art Terrorist. SPREAD THE WORD AND HELP US!

That is all for that important update.


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