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Friday, December 7, 2007

a mission with sasuke sexy uchiha ( by that i mean girls only) by itachi_lover
favourite color:
who would you like going on a mission with?:
what would you use on a mission (weapon):
what would you be doing in the morning?:
your mission is to:save a helpless child in the forest.
what you are doing now:
you are being told:that you aint doing this alone.
the look on his face when he see's you:
he says:well....you aint that bad.
so you both:you both hold hands.
whilst you two are walking:you ask him if he could train afterwards.
what happens next:you ducked as a rouge ninja tried to pounce at you.
he then:told you to hurry up and get rid of the ninja.
afterwards:you both finished the mission but you to far from konoha so you both decide to camp-out.
what happens now:your cooking and he tells you to stop because he wants to kiss you he holds you hand and sticks his tounge down your throat.
in the morning:you both run as fast as you both can trying to get back to konoha.
later on that evening:you leave your house and head to his he takes you to his room and fells the inside of your shirt and lays you down and rapes you on the floor.

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