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Monday, October 8, 2007

ugh so bored and tired
i am so bored and tired. right now i am watching dancing with the stars but i guess i am not into it as much this season probably cause there r no hot guys dancing this year, lol. so yeah as u can see i am joining a lot of clubs and i am also apart of the narutoanonclub but the banner code is messed up so i cant put it up and i am waiting to here from other people about joining their clubs so if u have any in mind i would be glad to check them out. hold on i want to see this dance................................okay its over. so i guess i will ask some random questions. lets see:
1.how r u?
2.r u in school this week?
3.do u watch dancing with the stars?
4.if so who is ur fav dancer?
5.is it raining where u r?
6.what is ur fav month?
7.what is ur fav day?
8.what is ur fav time of day?
9.who is ur fav naruto character?
10.r u apart of any clubs?
11.do u have any recamendations for clubs i havent joined yet?
12.what is ur fav movie?
13.r u in love?
14.do u have any questions for me?
~my answers~
1.tired and bored
2.no *jumps with joy*
4.i dont have one yet
5.no *sobs*
8.night time
9.okay i asked for one but this is my top four 1.sasuke 2.kakashi 3.neji 4.gaara
12.hmmm the Labrynth staring david bowie
13.i guess idk any more

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