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Friday, January 5, 2007

My Biggest Crush
name:Dennis Ward
birthday:idk...well i really do :-P
eyes:i think green or brown
what attracted you to this person?:His pesonality and looks
how did you meet?:the first day of skool
do you love this person?:yes...w/ all of mi heart
are they the one?:yes
do you want to marry them in the future?:of course
what's their best feature?:everything
have you had sex?:no.
did you like it?:i never done it
what's your favorite memory with them?:when i was at mi skool dance...he was worried about me
what's your favorite thing to do with them?:talk
have you ever cheated on them?:we're not going out...well not yet
would you ever?:No!
do they know your biggest secret?:yea.
do you want to tell them anything?:yes...that i want to be w/ him until i die
do you miss them?:everyday when he's not me
when is he last time you saw them?:today
would you fight for them?:no.
do you think they would fight for you?:no.
would you take a bullet for them?:yes.
what is your favorite thing about them?:everything
do you think that they would do this survey?:hopefully
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