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Friday, October 27, 2006

The Latest News!
heyy peeps! im just tellin ya the latest news! i've been account for theO...it's called LoveHinaFan4Ever...i just made it like a week ago...and so it doesn't have much on it...but im updating it today! so maybe u can check it out and add that account and sign mi g/b! i don't have that many friends right now...so if u want u can add me! o and im REALLY SORRY if i haven't been commenting ur sites...i've been busy w/ skool and other shiz! *sigh* so i hope ur not mad a tme for that! T.T well now that u know the latest news u can get the F*** out of mi site!
lol...im j/k! plz don't get mad! :-x

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