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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

11:59!!!!!! HAPPY FRIGGIN' NEW YEAR!!!

Hi. You like this here blog? My friend helped me with it. Its Confusing!
Ugh. Anyways, have you been to my Quizilla?
I've posted up a story and if you
want to read it, be my guest.
My user name is Kaminari-no-Ryuu if you have
trouble finding me. Yeah, so I'm there as well.

Well, I've got nothing to post about.
And I'm bored. We're all playing Guitar Hero
In KJ-11's living room.

Have A Great New Year! Remember the First Curse Word You Say, and It'll Stick With You.

Blah~ I am currrently petting my Friends' Dog...Rover. And I had Lasagna. Yum. IT'S DELICIOUS!! SECOND TO SPEGHETTI O's!!

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