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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Well, first, I had marching band camp last week and I've been side-tracked by stuff, so that's why I haven't been on much. 8O

I'm leaving for a three-day vacation tomorrow. My family's going to go to some Renaissance dinner in Illinois, and it looks really fun. I don't know if we're actually going into Chicago... But, we're also going to a couple of malls.

And then, school starts next week. ;__; But! I've got band, French, drawing and computer graphics for my first term! <3 It's gonna be awesome~!

And last night was the best night of my life! This feels silly and weird to say here, buuut... In youth group last night, I became a full Christian! ^_^ Meaning I asked Jesus to come into my life and stuff. Feels awkward to talk about it here! XD But oh well.

Anyway... I've gotta go, so ja ne!

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