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Friday, July 13, 2007

Ho hum~
Hey everyone!

Not much has happened today... well, I went shopping with my mom, and my brother came with us to get his hair cut later... That took about two hours. Other than that, I've mostly been playing video games and editing images on the computer.

I kind of want to go swimming in my neighbor's pool right now. 'Cause it's enormous. We're getting their old one, and it'll probably be ready this weekend. My parents and brother have been working so hard to build a brick retaining wall and everything and I haven't been able to do a thing! ;_;

Ooh, I should probably finish revising chapter two of Twilight's Aura and then start on chapter three. :3 I like printing off the chapters and editing them by hand and then fixing up the document itself. So far I've done that with chapters one and two (halfway done with two). But, uh. Yeah. That was... kind of random. But whatever. ^^;

I've really been into Tales of Symphonia lately... my friend came over yesterday for lunch after driver's ed and so we played some ToS. It took a while to figure out how to play multiplayer. >_< She'd never played ToS before, and her GameCube's in Florida, so she can't really play it. o_O She saw Regal in the anime intro and flipped out. "Is that a half-shirtless guy?" "..." -sees Regal and squeals- xDDD She's... obsessed with shirtless guys. Don't ask.

If I ever get a laptop, it's gonna be red and I'm naming it Kratos. And I'll have an amazing Kratos wallpaper that I found on Otaku. Bwahaha >3

Added a few new fanart pieces- go see them sometime! :)

See ya~

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