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Hey everyone! I used to be The_Ramen_Guy, but I don't remember my password anymore and I wanted to get a fresh start on my site!

I like to make AMVs and Graphics, so if you ever have a request for either of them, just send me a PM or an email and I'll see if I can help you.

I like to listen to anime podcasts and J-Pop aswell as Punk, punk rock, and rock.

I might not be able to update my ste every day, but if you leave me a comment, I will return the favor and comment on yours!

See ya later and keep the anime love strong!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

   First Post!
HEY! It's my first post on this account! HORRAY!

... What am I supposed to say?

I'm going to be moving into college on sunday and I'm really excited! I can't wait! I still have to get alto of stuff for the dorm room though.

well, i guess I'll see ya later!

P.S. The first person who coments, I will comment on you site atleast three times! ((But you better make it a good comment! LOL))

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