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The Otaku Attack Force
Sangome, TimberWolf, and Katana
Looking out for the common Otaku and typing in actual English.
It's why they're awesome.

If they're awesome, then why do I continue being in this mess?

So since everyone else has those fancy-pants profiles...

Welcome. I'm Sangome, your typical [and sometimes irate] anime, manga, and video game fan. As you can see, I'm a member of the local group of elitists superheroes, the Otaku Attack Force, but since every group of superheroes has to have the member question why they're in the group to begin with, I'd be it. I was also a member of the news team for about a year or so, so I know how theO ticks. ;D

So sit back, relax, put the yaoi doujin back in your pants, and listen to me ramble.

*insert some witty quote involving people here*

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Holy snap, does anyone actually still use myO anymore?
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