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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

   Naruto songs
Merry Christmas Everybody! Since I got an Ipod for Christmas, I want you and all of the shinobi to make up any song from your fav anime. ^ means they are singing.

Lee:Wee dee dee dee, dee dee dee dee dee, A wem bom mum mum away.

Kankuro, Sakon, and Ukon:Aweem memeh, Aweem memeh. Aweem memeh, Aweem memeh. Aweem memeh, Aweem memeh. Aweem memeh, aweem memeh.

Gaara:^In the fields,
The dainty fields,
the bone nin sleeps

Kimimaru:*in second state, sleeping*

Gaara:^In the fields,
the hateful fields,
The bone nin sleeps
tonight! Hey, HEY!^

Fangirls:We love you Gaara!!!!!

Sakura:^I need a hero!
I need a hero
That will save me
from my daily strife.

He gotta be strong
He's gotta be cool,
And he's gotta be larger
than life.
Larger than Life!^

Kyuubi:Sakura will y-


Jessica:^Look at me,
You may that I'm
the perfect one
But you'll never
Know me.

Everyday is as if
I play a part.

Now I see,
If I wear a mask
I can fool the world
But I can not fool
My heart.^

Gaara:^Gotta change my answering
Now that I'm alone.

Sasuke:^Cause it says that we
can't come to the phone.

Gaara:I just don't want to be
with you anymore.

Sasuke:Leave me alone. (Leave me alone)

Gaara:Stupid love songs.
(stupid love songs)

Sasuke:I'm all alone.

Gaara:Oh Turn off the radio!
Cause we're

S&G:So sick of love songs,
we will say no.
So sick of letting
You go.

O yes we're
So sick of love songs
so sad and slow!

Gaara:But why can't I
Turn of the radio?

What did'ja think?

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