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Monday, June 26, 2006


Thanks for stopping by! Please sign my guestbook and add me as a friend too, I shall do the same for you if you do so for me! I am barly granted time to even post durring the weekday so if you would like me to post on your site post on mine first.

1 I do not take Pm's from people I dont know! Dont Pm with me just to chat...If you want to chat I have a box *points down* right there! do it in there!
2. If you want me to create some kind of art, than you can PM me or tell me in a comment if you want one. That is the ONLY thing that breaks the pming rule NOTHING ELSE. and just because you ask me doesn't mean I will make it either.
3. Visit me on a daily bases. I am not asking every time I update, jus come visit me during the month or whenever I update. If not I will delete you off my friends list because I have WAY too many. When I get boored at times I usually go throught MASS DELETING RAMPAGES!
4 Remember you are a guest here at my site so dont do anything here that you wouldnt want me to go and do at your own site.
5. I will only give my contact if I need to so don't ask for it other then if you need it badly.


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Yes I know I have come back once more -awaits the mob of screaming rabid fangirls- yet this time my week has been hetic so I am just going to give you the short, sweet, and very sexy summary.

Well basicly I had this week off of work, and in code when I say "I have this week off of work" it really means that my mom is trying to take me down another notch by doing some work, and this week was no different, I had to do my ENTIRE SUMMER PROJECT this week, and let alone it was actually easier than last years, I only had to read six short stories and take notes on them which is rather easy so yeah, I lucked out and finished it on friday when I was trying to update then in some words to say, life just tried to fuck me over.

OMG! your cursed?! Yes thats right I did, because what happened was really fucked up. So apparently there was this old lady was walking by the house with her dog. She knew my dogs were outside and looking at her through the gate, so she INTENTIONALLY began to tease them from the other side of the gate, then they actually broke out and attacked her dog, which in her launguage was. "They tried to attack me by biting my arm off." Which really pissed me the fuck off because she said that then she was going to sue us unless we got them put down.

Now This is one way to really, really piss me off. by doing some stupid shit like that, and then asking the others who did nothing to get into trouble like that, needless to say after awhile with doing some things, nothing happened and right now Avi and Ido are actually rather fine and sleeping right next to me ^_^ Boy do I feel better and I hope this wasnt to bad of a rant, I will give you a cookie when you leave if you don't tell anyone..

and for all you who don't know, on Otakuboards I became a mod for the anime lounge n_n go me. now thats all. I have work this week and after visiting sites I am going to the bed. Night everyone, I am the outs.

and for anyone who cares again, I finally got AIM after my friends finally boxed me into a corner with it its tempestwind19. Later everyone.

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