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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


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Wai~ I am sorry that I have been gone longer than usual, I am pretty sure that I won’t be able to update on the weekend any longer but this weekend was different because I was actually doing something that was important! Because as of today I finally got my laptop back! –squeals- It felt as if I had almost lost an old friend and just not got it back once again!

So I think I finally got the news on Sunday night when it finally got back from the computer guy. It was funny though, as the problem wasn’t the hard drive crashing. The clicking that I kept on hearing was the fan, one of the fans had stopped working and the computer person said he found a thick glob of dust almost two inches thick stuck inside it. No wonder it kept on overheating, the fan for the hard drive wasn’t working.

So then once we got back to the house I began the tedious process of restoring all of my items and things like that back onto my computer (Mostly Anime, Manga, ongoing stories, poems, some pictures and music) but damn am I happy that I saved all of that stuff to an external drive, if I hadn’t then I would have been devastated by the number of lost things that I would have lost, It was a rather large bunch of stuff.

Yet now I am back on, and the resolution difference is amazing, the “sub-comp” I was on before was a normally rather small 1270by 760 I think, but this one was just almost about ready to blow it out of the park with it being 1440by900. I was at first thinking. “OMFG! IT’S HUGE! but then I realized that I was on this for a rather long time before and it was what I was used to, and by now I got back to normal.

Now I am going to go off and visit more sites and such, because yeah, I need to see them all once again on this awesome computer.

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