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Thursday, June 8, 2006


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Well before I get into my day today I must let you in on a bit of Dialouge that happen just before I posted..

Current time: 10:57 CST

Me: -hums browsing through computer about to get ready to update Myo, yet hears the mother person comming up the stairs-
Mother: Hey, lets go out and walk the dogs..
Me: Mom ints almost 11 'o clock, why do you want to go?
Mom. -no answer, just gets up and leaves, I eventually follow-

Later...Dogs are on leashes, heading out to walk them on the big field next to house.

Me: Moooooom, why are you doing this? Normal people are sleeping by now?
Mom: Doesnt matter, We didn't walk them durring the day.
Me: But mom, Its dark outside, Avi and Ido (pronounced edo long e) have black fur, its dark outside, Black + black = Invisible. How will we find them.

Noted that later on the moon was actually casting a bluish like glow on the whole area..when there are usually no lights insight..it continues as planed and we arrive at the field.

Me: See mom -points over towards field area- There are people walking over there.
Mom: So then we will let them run around the other area -dogs are unleashed, they run around like crazed animals-
Me: But mom its dark outside... What if there are Pedophiles around..or even Monsters! like the ones in Zelda that come out of the ground durring the night. Remember back when I was scared of those back when Zelda came out. ; _ ;
Mom: -laughs at and continues-

So the time continues, the dogs run around, I run around, then the people come back, we somehow get them back on the leashes and instead walk around the block.

Mom: That person was the one who tried to get the dogs when they got out last time.
Me: What person! Your scaring me.. I don't see anyone by.. ; _ ; I am afraid of teh monsters.
Mom: the people we just passed by.. -yada yada yada boring talking.-
Me: Yeah, but what about curefue (can't spell it) You know that I have one of those right?
Mom: Yeah but I am here so then its alright.

-just then a police car with a rather larger amount of spotlighs than usual drives right pass us-

Mom: speak of the devil..
Me: I think its comming back... -we run-

-finalls get back home, put the dogs back and continue feeding them-

Me: Mom I know its your birthday..but did you really have to do this...did you drink to much or something.
Mom: No...I was just bored..

Well besides my almost midnight adventure my day was actually more of the same from yesterday which you all don't even know of since I didn't update yesterday. So basicly, it was more attacking little kiddies, Me wanting a hack saw instead of a knife this time, and Some person had ADHD apparently and forgot to take his medicine.. I bet you all can figure out just what fun that was...

Well I don't have to work on fridays, which means that it was actually going to be my last week tommorow, it may actually be fun or something like that. Yet I have to go through tommorow, I wonder why I take this week of work when there are ones that are more enjoyable later on? then I remember, I get money, money gets videogames, and they make me happy, that and I don't really do anything this week...execpt handle little kids..-args-

Well thats all, I am switching back to Myo comments for some reason because of blah and yeah I am just going to go and visit as many as I can now, till tommorow everyone. (goodness long post.)

((Note: that says comments, I just made it 1337 ^_^ ))

er one more edit, since for some reason the comments only work in firefox now IE I used both comments, since I am pressed on time I will fix all of this tommorow, now time for bed..

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