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Tuesday, June 6, 2006


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Owww. I am sore for some odd reason but yeah I am not going to discuss about that right now, because I have been soar many times before for other reasons and yeah.

Well I went to work today and it was pretty cool. one of my co-workers from last year who was like..really..really short had a giant growth spurt and is almost as tall as I am, and to say the least I was mostly like WTF?!

It was odd this week as well. Because we had a lot of little kids who wanted to learn some of that electronic stuff that we all know. Needless to say. Me + young children = someone is going to get hurt. Yeah if it was me I would just hit each one of them with a stick upside the head everytime they got out of line, I think one of them tried to kick me...if I had my own way I think I would have ripped his leg off...MOVING ON! I think this was my favorite quote of the whole day though.

Allen: "Yeah, I think the kids are out of control now, what are we to do"
Me: -looks at the object in hand- "Yeeeeah...I think I am going to need a bigger knife..."
Allen: "O_O"

Needless to say I didn't hurt anyone...I just..wanted...to..oh..so..badly. I can't see myself with children, I wonder how there are so many pedophiles these days. I mean I think I would be annoyed to death before I could do anything. In other words don't be a Pedophile when you grow up guys..your going to regret it, feh, short post, but you know what, I am sore..and need to take a shower, so yeah. Till tommorow?

EDIT: Hey, isnt today suppose to be that one day thats suppose to be the end of the world or something like that? Wonder whats going ot happen..

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