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Monday, May 29, 2006


Thanks for stopping by! Please sign my guestbook and add me as a friend too, I shall do the same for you if you do so for me! I am barly granted time to even post durring the weekday so if you would like me to post on your site post on mine first.

1 I do not take Pm's from people I dont know! Dont Pm with me just to chat...If you want to chat I have a box *points down* right there! do it in there!
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3. Visit me on a daily bases. I am not asking every time I update, jus come visit me during the month or whenever I update. If not I will delete you off my friends list because I have WAY too many. When I get boored at times I usually go throught MASS DELETING RAMPAGES!
4 Remember you are a guest here at my site so dont do anything here that you wouldnt want me to go and do at your own site.
5. I will only give my contact if I need to so don't ask for it other then if you need it badly.


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Oh maw goodnes I am back from the dead!

Well to tell you all what happened in a summed up story its been a literal hell for me.

The last day of schoo was wednesday, I though everything was good, everything was pleasent. I mean hell I had the whole summer left. Even though that day didn't feel like the last day but it was the last day. I felt a little sick that day but it wasnt anything bad. I mean I have felt a little bit sick many times before but it was never anything that close before. So it didn't matter, eveything was fine...

Then the next day came and I felt even worse. I knew it, this seems to happen every day after finals or a test that I really really really study for hard enough. In the ways that my mom said it "Your immune system basicly got fed up with all the studying that you did and just gave you the finger" Yeah, my mom is cool like that, you wouldn't believe what our house is like even though its just the two of us. However I just felt sick, sore throat, runny nose, feaver that felt like I was about to burst into flames yeah I have had worse but I just let it go.

Then it was friday and then thats when my immune system basicly slapped me. Just about everything that I said before got even worse, and then what toped it all off was that it hurt to move. It was like my bones just suddenly locked up together and refused to move at all. So I was bedridden from then to yesterday, and my sleep cycle is so messed up as well. Its almost like I am nocturnal. I usually sleep durring the day and am mobile durring the night. Its an odd thing but hey I like the dark kinda of. Yesterday though I was only able to help re do the entire backyard then I passed out on the bed and I woke up the next day, how odd.

Well as for that I finally get to visit sites today omg finally but yeah. See you around space cowboys. I wonder how many people read through that rant =3

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