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Wednesday, March 15, 2006



Thanks for stopping by! Please sign my guestbook and add me as a friend too, I shall do the same for you if you do so for me! I am barly granted time to even post durring the weekday so if you would like me to post on your site post on mine first.

1 I do not take Pm's from people I dont know! Dont Pm with me just to chat...If you want to chat I have a box *points down* right there! do it in there!
2. If you want me to create some kind of art, than you can PM me or tell me in a comment if you want one. That is the ONLY thing that breaks the pming rule NOTHING ELSE. and just because you ask me doesn't mean I will make it either.
3. Visit me on a daily bases. I am not asking every time I update, jus come visit me during the month or whenever I update. If not I will delete you off my friends list because I have WAY too many. When I get boored at times I usually go throught MASS DELETING RAMPAGES!
4 Remember you are a guest here at my site so dont do anything here that you wouldnt want me to go and do at your own site.
5. I will only give my contact if I need to so don't ask for it other then if you need it badly.


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Well yet again the site that I was getting my bleach music died again -_- So for now just enjoy the little video clip thingy I made for now till I start my new theme and all..

Well today was rather boring... I fell asleep in English AGAIN! Its always that class though.. I don't know why. I think It may be something though o.O I mean it has been happening alot since we started doing shakespear now and such so yeah...things are getting rather..intresting... -nudge nudgge- later on I made T-shirts for the latin club and I am going to start on probaly later on in the post. but hmmmm. However the whole class feels like there is a very bad aura around us right now. We haven't even started romeo and Juliet yet and everyone can just feel....something bad is going to happen..even I feel it and I don't want something bad to happen..reall! thats like going to be bad.

I don't know if any of you know what a DBQ is.. ( no its not BBQ >.>) its this kind of reading assestment test I have to take as a student in the district. However since I am new to this state and I a didnt even know what it was when the teacher said we were going to do one. I was just like "Huh...?"

oh and as for science. we did more plant stuff...>_> well yeay this is a short post since everything is so blaaah to me right now..here are the t-shirts I made also. and yes this is for latin club

This one is all truth... on the back we are going to put a stick man on fire and write "incendies es!" its a saying I will explain later.

you all probaly don't get this at first. But our latin club president's name is Willy. So...get it now?

I think Iyameh is going to kill me if she sees me in this...x-x

now for the saying...

Incendis es! means in "you got burned!" however literally it means "you are burning! or You are on fire!" so yeah. I am out!

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