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Friday, December 16, 2005



Thanks for stopping by! Please sign my guestbook and add me as a friend too, I shall do the same for you if you do so for me! I am barly granted time to even post durring the weekday so if you would like me to post on your site post on mine first.

1 I do not take Pm's from people I dont know! Dont Pm with me just to chat...If you want to chat I have a box *points down* right there! do it in there!
2. If you want me to create some kind of art, than you can PM me or tell me in a comment if you want one. That is the ONLY thing that breaks the pming rule NOTHING ELSE. and just because you ask me doesn't mean I will make it either.
3. Visit me on a daily bases. I am not asking every time I update, jus come visit me during the month or whenever I update. If not I will delete you off my friends list because I have WAY too many. When I get boored at times I usually go throught MASS DELETING RAMPAGES!
4 Remember you are a guest here at my site so dont do anything here that you wouldnt want me to go and do at your own site.
5. I will only give my contact if I need to so don't ask for it other then if you need it badly.


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I start finals today everyone so I have to make this post ultra short! Sadly... I am not suppose to be up now thats the sad part..I had alot of fun today at lunch because I went to a different table to eat today.. Although It was with alot of my friends I did have to pay "tax" which included about half of my curly fries -cries- however that wasnt the funniest part. I was drinking some lemonade and my friend Robbie was trying to make me laugh wile I was chugging it...Lemonade.. He suceeded and some lemonade came out of my nose...my nose burnt through the rest of 4th period. The funny part was that he told me that during the memories of my life in high school book or something on my life I was going to say. " Then there was that one Asian kid who durring 4th period..." Yeah...He was right...but he doesnt know I have a Myo account

Well thats all I have to report for today..the other day though something hilarious happened but I couldnt tell you because of my little...painfull incident. well it was.. Me, luke ( not luke skywalker XD ) Atravan.., will , rob ( a different one ), and ben. We were going to go and look at the people in humanities.. which is like an advanced world geography class. Well they were going ot do an opera thing and we wanted to look at it. So we did and Me atravan will and luke got bored and went back towards latin class. So We are in the hall and I kicked my shoe at atravan and it hit him in the head. He stole my shoe and ran off and I chased him.. He hid behind the wal and I ended up running into his shoe. He threw my shoe to luke, who then threw it again and almost hit the security camera and that was hilarious. Than we all ran inside and a teacher was yelling at us but then Ben and Rob finally came out of room and they got yelled at...heh suckers....



O.o more!

just for the precious organs...

I might change my theme over the weekend. It all depends..We will see yes...alright then...later all! Wish me luck on meh finals!

I couldnt resist it...

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