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Friday, September 16, 2005

   Kishte se
sori for not updating in the past couple of days. anyway schol started and i made a freind with one of the new guysat school. it was the end of school and this kind named Brian just tackles my sister down and shes got this huge scab on her leg. he jsut ran away after that. then the next day this other krn guy just pushes me and brian is like riht behind me on the floor so when i was pushed back i fell hard on the floor. i feel like kickin there asses. if u guys got any advice on this plz pm me. thanks. anyway moving on. school has been a duece. if uve been reading xm14k4 st4rx's post then u know about the homeowrk. its been keeping me from being on. another big achievement. I was able to use my metal kunai right. i threw it striaght! andi got advent children off the internt. its the best cg film ever!

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