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Monday, April 28, 2008

ghost townO_o
wow i havent updated on myO in so long. its like a ghost town or something. i guess every boy goes on the new otaku. thats where ive been updating and stuff. well i have nothing interesting to sayXD but i did go to an anime faire where i live. it was so fun. well im off....gonna go to gaiaonline! i guess ill see you guys at the new otaku! besure to visit me there too^^
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Thursday, November 22, 2007


hey! i havent posted for a hella long time...lol! i think the last time i posted was three months ago. and thats a long time. sory for not posting in such a long time. ive been pretty busy lately and could really go on and post stuff. well anyways happy thanksgiving to all of you^_^ so wat are you gonna do today?? im just staying home and chat with my friends if theyre on and eat lots of yummy food^_^ and some apple pie!! anyways....how have you guys been?? i bet you guys have been busy too. oh i also drew a new picture. now i just have to put them on otaku...lol!! ive been meaning to do that for a while. just never got around it...lol!! i drew hitsugaya toshiro from bleach. so are any of you on thanksgiving break? i am and its been kinda boring i havent really dont anything fun but finish my book report for englishT_T yes i know i had hw over the break. teachers are cruel sometimes to give us hw over the break...lol!! hope you guys didnt get any hw over your break. are any of you goin shopping on black friday? i might go to the mall but i might not buy anything. theres gonna be alot of ppl in the malls and in stores say like best buy and other electronic stores. thats gonna be packed...lol!! i think ppl are crazy to camp out side of best buy and stuff. and i dont think i can wake up at 4am just to go shopping. tomorro is the biggest shopping sale of the yearO_o well im gonna play videogames or something. cuz im so bored...lol!! oh i also got the complete series of tenchi muyo. i love that show. i used to watch it on tv when it was on toonami. aahhhh those were the days. so any memories...lol!! well talk to you guys later^_^ hope you have a great thanksgiving!!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

school next week......O_o
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sorry for not updating in a while been to busy buying school stuff and enjoying my last dast of summer. i go to school next week. on the 5th. and the good thing about that is that its a minimum day and school starts at 8:30 and ends at 12:00!!! yay!! i had my orientation last week. i saw some of my friends. my friend maria is back from teh philippines. i hung out with her after my orientation. shes really addicted to harry potter...lol!! i hope shes not too obsessed....lol!! i got my schedule too. i got art2, us history, english 11A, med asst.(an rop class at my school) dont ask wat rop is i dont know wat it is either...lol, chemestry, alg 2/trig and pre cal. i only have 7 classes this year cuz my rop class is for the whole year. i think im gonna have most of my friends in my classes this year which makes me very happy^_^ cuz last year i didnt really have all my friends in my class. anyways enough about school how have you guys been?? have any of you started school yet?? my brother is gonna be in my school this year. he's a freshmen and im a junior. but if you saw us i think you guys would think that its the other way around. im shorter than him...lol!! and everybody thinks im younger than him. well for labor day weekend im goin to LA with my family. were goin to universal studios and roam around LA while were there. its the last thing im gonna do thats fun before school starts again. oh ive been playing kingdom hearts 2 lately. i think i finished the game i think 3 times....lol!! trying to complete jiminy's journal. i think ill change my theme of site to kingdom hearts. welkl talk to you guys later!! gonna play more kingdom hearts^_^ well see ya~
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Thursday, August 2, 2007

its been a while lol!!
sorry i havent been posting anything in a while! i just didnt feel like post things...lol!! well anyways...how are you guys?? are you enjoying summer vacation? mine is fine. just been at home watching anime and asian dramas. right now im currently watching detective conan. too bad it doesnt show on tv anymore. i miss it. oh yeah i just got the new harry potter book. i havent read it yet but i think ill read it soon. my brother read it and it only took hime three days. he even read the 6th harry potter book in one day. thats cuz he pulled an all nighter...lol!! im also gonna watch harry potter and the order of the pheonix again. my friend ivy hasnt watched it cuz she was in china so i told her ill watch it with her. and i still need to give her he b-day present...lol!! so far ive been really bored and two weeks ago i scrapped my knee but its getting better now^^ which is good. i can go roller lading again soon!! yay me!! lol!! nothing much has happened for me this summer but i noticed that this summer has gone bby really fast. last summer was much slower. but the good thing is that i go back to school on sept 5 this year! yay!! more vacation! i might go to LA for labor day weekend. but i dont know yet. i cant believe ill be a junior this year. im almost done with high schoolO_o and my brother is just starting high school. hes gonna be buggin me while im at school i hope that he doesnt do that all year. but im thinking that hes gonna try to make my last 2 years of high school fun^^well im gonna go now.... im watching case closed. talk to you later!
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

hey ppls!!! how ya been?? i just have two more days of school left!! yay almost summer vacation!! but i still need to get ppl to sign my yearbook. tomorro our schedule is gonna be kinda weird. tomorro im gonna have 3rd and 4th block and on thurs. im gonna have 1st and 2dn block. but the good things is that its a minimum day tomorro!! i get out of school at 12:00. i also have finals but not tomorro. all my finals are on the last day of school which really sucks!! i only have a spanish final and a geometry final. my friends say that my school is the only school that doesnt get out early for the whole week. im happy the school is over but im also kinda sad. my friend maria is moving back to the philippines and i wont get to see her at school anymore or go over to her house. but atleast i stil have my other friends to hang out with. oh and i have no more hw!!! well except for studying for my finals. oh did i tell you that our yearbooks are colored this year. yup its colored and i mean everything is colored not just the seniors. in pe today it was my friend vivian, last day cuz shes a senior and i wont get to see her anymore too. but the good thing is that i know her sister and i know vivian's phone#^^ me and my other friends in pe sat on the ground with vivian in the middle and we each told her something. it was like a farewell speech and hope you do good in college. i said "it was nice meeting you and talking about her sister and anime and also listening to anime songs in pe. i hope you do good in college and dont forget us. it had fun having you in my pe class" yup this my farewell speech i said to vivian. and before she left me and firends all gave vivian a hug and said that well miss you! we also told her to visit us and come to our graduation. yup she was an awesome friend^^ well thats all i have to say for now... i have to go do hw.....j/k!! i dont have hw anymore....lol!! well i have nothing else to say so talk to you guys later!
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

wats up!! =)
so how have you guys been doin?? i havent posted anything since last week...lo!! well i didnt get to talk about how my weekend went last week ill tell you now^_^ as you all now last week was my b-day^_^ oh and thank you to all the ppl who said happy b-day to me last week^^ anyways last friday my friend maria spent the night at my house and we had sushi for dinner. yum!! we watched movies and went on the computer. on satuday i had my b-day party!! it was so much fun!! i picked up my friends ivy tamara and taya in fremont since i was with my mom in mountain view. we picked up my brothers friends also, donald and bryan. you know the weird thing is that we all fit in my mom's mini van..lol! i had to share a seat with my friend. when we got to my moms hous we ate ice creme while waiting for the pizza to arrive and then we ate the pizza. after eating me and my friends filled up water balloons to play with in the park. and it didnt last too long. i think it lasted about 5 minutes but it was still fun^_^ when i got back to my mom's apartment we went swimming for like about 2-3 hours. we played marco polo and chicken fight. after swimming me and my friend ivy went back to my mom's place to change. we played airhockey, tekken tag on the PS2 and took lots of pictures. ill show you some of my pictures later after posting thins^^ anyways before taking my friends home we went to borders and starbucks. in the car me ivy and maria we singing the songs on the radio! it was so much fun. this was the first time i ever heard ivy sing...lol!! i got so much presents for my b-day!! i got like $300 and cool things my friends gave me^_^ i also got an ipod cuz i didnt have one yet and my uncle is getting me a digital camera! oh and if you guys didnt know i turned 16 last thursday^^ wel now ill show you a few of my pictures we took^_^

this is me and my friends. im the one with the kyo hat on^_^

me and my friends swimming
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and this is everybody at my party!! im gettng sqished by my brothers....lol!!
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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

   guess wat?? guess wat??
sorry i havent been posting anything ive been really busy doin icky hw and also busy playing pokemon on my ds...lol!! so how are you guys doin?? any ways...guess wat? guess wat? well i dont thing you guys know wat happens in two days so ill tell you^_^ well in two days its my b-day!! im turing sixteen!! YAY ME!! i cant believe that in turning sixteen already. well im not really do ing anything special for my b-day. im just gonna hangout with my firneds and get alots of cool presents^_^ i think im getting an ipod for my b-day. well gotta go!! ttyl guys later!
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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

testing is coming up soon......T_T
welll i havent posted anything in a while. well i for got when i last posted....lol!! maybe it was like during spring break..o well^_^ well anyways testing is coming up soon again. the star testing thing we take every year. i think thats like in the beginning of may or something. last week in school we had a weird schedule cuz were doing practice test that prepares us for the actual star test. so that mean we have hw room every day. i thkn that this week is the last week were doin these practice test. but the tests were taking are so boring but good practice. i like having homeroom everyday^_^ well enough about talking about testing how have you guys been?? ive been watching korean and chinese drama shows like full house(not the american version, korean)and meteor garden. well thats all ive been doin on the computer lately beside chatting with my friends. oh yeah on saturday i was attacked by 4-6 year old kids and one of them was really getting on my nerves. i think hes being really concited. and my cousin was also bothering me too but im used to that...lol! on sunday i went to the library to return books and borrow more books i borrowed 7 mangas. bleach vol.8 and tenchi vol.3-7. and i finished it all already...lol!! i dont know if you guys still like pokemon but i want to get the new pokemon game, pokemon diamond and my brother wants to get pokemon pearl. y friends also want to get this games. apparently we still like pokemon^_^ theres gonna be an anime expo where i live. its this saturday but i dont know if im goin or not. if my friends are goin then ill probly go. well i gotta to the rest of my homework now so talk to you guys later. night!

p.s: i actually worte more than i usually do.....lol!!

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Monday, April 9, 2007

today is the start of my spring break! well actually it started last friday but who cares..lol!! today im goin ice skating with my friends and 1:30. well anyways last weekend i went to my cousins b-day party at malibu grand prix. it was hella fun! i got to drive go-karts and other fun things. i played mini-golf with my cousin and her friends. i did the stupidest thing while playing golf. well i think you guys are gonna laugh. ok.....while i was playing mini golf i jumped over a chain so i could stop my all from goin in the hole and i tripped over the chain instead. i tripped and scratched my elbow. but im ok now^_^ i have a bad habit of hurting myself over little things but not actually injure my self badly. well anyways wat did you guys do on easter? i didnt really do anything since everything was closed. i hope that durig break i could get at least put some of my drawings on TheO. ive been trying to do this but i been too lazy to put them on. well g2g now so talk to you guys later!!
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Sunday, April 1, 2007

april fools!!

eventho i dont have a joke today i just wanted to say that^_^ so wat have you guys been up to?? my drivers ed class ends on tues!! than god....lol!! ive been busy doin lots of hw from geometry and i got my grade up back to a C. it was a D before and for once when i told my parents they didnt get mad. YAY me!! well anyways i dont think im gonna try and fool anybody today. cuz im so bad at fooling ppl...lol!! instead ppl like to fool me. but if april fools day were on monday or somewhere during the week, i know a great way to fool ppl^_^*starts to laugh* well me and my friend taya would switch jackets and ill give her my beanie and well walk around trying to see if theyll get fooled. i did it before and it was really funny....lol!! my friends say that we look alike cuz we both wear glasses and we both look alike from the back. and since my friend is wearing my beanie ppl might think its me cuz im the only one who has a a kyo beanie in my school. well anyways yesterday i was clean my school for service learning hours. my friends ivy and tamara were there also. my school had lots of trash. and for some reason there were a bunch of strings in the field me and my friends were picking up trash from. after about an hour we had a break and ate cookies and fruits and some chips. i had two bananas. yum!! i love bananas....lol!! well i g2g go now!! talk to you guys later^_^ bye!

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