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Thursday, April 23, 2009

So Ive Bothered To Check it.

Yes I switched dA for MyO for about 20 minutes. Theres nothing to do on the internet anymore and its pissing me off.

Do blah.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009


Its me again Martha.
So I come to post something.
Not much is happening
Im semi single again XD lul.
Not exactly happy about it but whatever
Im bored.
Here play with jack :3

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Friday, December 12, 2008


Stuffs been odd lately.
Parents are being strange and Im once again on the verge of an emotional breakdown
Oh well.
I'll be fine once I get where my love is <3
Hopefully that wont be too long..

Ive just been easily pissed off lately and if you look at my past.. 3 journals on deviantART you would be able to tell.

Weirdos on msn =____= Hate them so much
Stupid people
N00bs that 'Taip leik dis Bcuz it b so much EzEr"
*saws off her hands for typing like that*
and just... Idiocy and stupidity.
Stuff as that
Ive got my GED class in a couple hours and such then Im going to my friend Jeremy's house
Blade51 is in the states as some of you may know
And Kkrillz is back in canada.
Angel is in texas.
Im loving the song I have on my site.

And Im going to go get ready
Just thought Id drop in and bother you


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Sunday, November 9, 2008

So I was missed?



Life is peachy ;3
I turned 16 last month(YEY ONLY 2 MORE YEARS TO GO!) Haaa...
And I dont know if any of you will remember my complaints about that shit assed tower computer I had for the longest time and the asshole I was living with, Rigo?
Rigo moved out.
He and my mom arent together anymore
Mom and dad are together again but he is still a big part of her life.
And as far as the computer goes.
I killed it. And was out of a computer for a few months before mom bought me my VERY OWN LAPTOP~! Which just happened to be manufactured in 1995 and had a cracked hinge and a short =P oops. And also no Operating System, but I put Windows XP on it and it was fine as long as I didnt move it *LMAO*
And then moms shiny new tower had a problem and she freaked out and bought a laptop for while she gets the tower fixed. Harddrive went out, that was all. Just reformatted it and it was fine. *shrug* ANYWAYS. That crapped ass laptop she bought me went out in July ._. Had the thing for 3 years before it died. COMPAQ IS SUCH A WONDERFUL BRAND! But anyways, I got the laptop after moms desktop was fixed and its godly. Also Compaq. The only problem it has is *drumroll* MICROSOFT WINDOWS VIIIISSTAAAAAA.
Mom likes it
I hate it
So crappy. someone told me that Microsoft it making a replacement for it because its too big and bulky and has too many glitches and bugs *rolls eyes* Got that right.
Need 2 fucking gigs of ram to run the damn thing.
Why did they need a new OS?
DONT SWITCH IT FOR VISTA DDDDX *shakes fist at Microsoft*
Lesseee what else.
May be getting ANOTHER horse. Right now we just have the two but there is a lady GIVING away 2 horses. One is small and calm but the other is like 16 hands and a little nervous. Lol. Like my horse. But Apollo is still a baby owO
Dogs: have 4 of them now. Same ones I had before: Maggie, the German Shepherd
and Zee, the poodle thing o_O
now we have ... ._. A minpin.... and
._____. A great dane.
Go me...
and of course I have my 3 cats that I didnt have the last time I bothered to REALLY update. lol
I have 2 siamese, siblings. Ones a boy the other is a girl. Jasmine is a blue point, cute dainty little thing and Mikoto is the big fat chocolate point. :3 hes cute.
and 83 my Sirius. Kitty. Hes black.
Not much else I can think of
Im taking guitar lessons
And I got an electric guitar for my birthday
Somewhat have a band.
People Im moving in with soon as I leave here
One is Aaron, my hawt Canadian friend, but he is moving to Chicago, and my current girlfriend Avira who lives 40 mins away from Chicago, so YEY. XD.

Nothing else
Ill let you go now o_O

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Saturday, November 8, 2008


Its me.
Im back now.
I like my new layout.
I need to change some stuff around though
But for now. Im done fucking with it
So blah
Just posting randomly .-.
And such
Missed me?

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Sunday, September 14, 2008



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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Holy fucking hell

Well I havent been here in forever XDDDDDDDD lol.
Ugghh Okay
Lifes peachy as ever, god I gotta fix my site ;A; LOOK LIKE CRAP. ><

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

   Back in action

Well thats right. Im alive and back in action. Im back to riding my horses and working on getting back to all your sites when I can. The trouble is that Dante's computer is very crappy and Dante cant get to your sites with her crappy computer so Dante is working to buy a GOOD computer 8D
And my sister is coming down here again, Hurray, but Im still hoping not to be here because of the Mayhem Festival up there in Seattle! YEEEEEY! I still have a good chance of getting there on time to go DX But Im having issues with my parents again as always. Uuuuuuhhh. OH YEAH. I have a new story Im writing called Darkened Nightmares. Its on my deviantART page. :P So yeey. Here, have some pics

Jumping by ~demonlove124 on deviantART

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

   O_O WOW

Well where I've been is beside the point. LOL
Weeeelllll I guess I should update.
But I'm too lazy to type out everything I've done in the past few months LOL, SSOOOOOOOO. I'll give a bit of a summery: I went to the beach, rode a jet ski, DIDN'T GET SUNBURNED FOR ONCE, I am currently addicted ti GACKT and BLEACH. Sooo... Im just gonna leave.
Visit my deviantART page

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Friday, February 8, 2008



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