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Monday, May 5, 2008

So~ Pretty much, My Mommy is the best mommy ever! >D
You wanna know why? Because she is by far one of the most easiest people to be around. She's just so goofy and dorky it's cute, you know? We can do anything together and have fun! Like watching all day marathons of Ugly Betty, doing each others eyebrows or hair, learning how to make new dinners together, or going to Cyndi Lauper concerts. ;p
We can just do anything together and she'll make corny jokes and we'll laugh and giggle like little girls at a sleep over! I love my momma so much and sometimes my dad gets so jealous! xD
When I was little, I was in dance classes, you know, ballet, tape, jazz, the whole shin-dig!~ Well, once my dance instructor asked our mothers to learn a dance! And my momma agreed to it. So then she had to start coming to practice with me. And what a challenging dangerous assignment for her and the other mothers it was! (Some one misplaced a knee-cap! o___o) It was fun learning a dance with my mother though. She looked so goofy learning the steps as first, as she had never done that sort of dancing before in her life! xD They did a dance to the song called "I Am A Woman." xD She did really good but it was just so funny seeing my mom on stage! Sadly~ all accounts of this wonderful performance have been destroyed or lost! (I wonder why~? xD) We had lots of fun doing that performance together, and I'll never forget all the fun I've had with my mom throughout my life. She's really a great person and has worked really hard her whole life for me and my siblings and all the while done her best to make our lives full of happiness and her corny jokes.
I love my mommy!!!~

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