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Saturday, April 20, 2013

   The end?
It's been years since i've been on here, since I met my first girlfriend here and stuff happened, I hope somebody reads this and get's in contact with me, my life was perfectly fine, I had everything I need and almost everything I wanted. I tried SO many times to find love... I finally found it and it hurts... bad... she is making me lose my mind. I have money, a house, my best friend lives with me my family loves me, everything is perfectly fine exept my love life I can't seem to get a break unless it's my heart being broken. She has me using money I don't have, my friend knows im losing it over here, my family know's that she is the reason im making stupid decisions suddenly and NO girl has EVER made me feel this way... She suffers from paranoid dilusions that people are gonna kill her and she can't stay she has to leave, she keeps seeing her ex and getting hurt cuz he's a VERY horrible person and I have loved her, been there for her, never hurt her or forced myself on her NOTHING, I offered her to stay with me and I offered protection, I offered to buy her clothes and give her the world... and NOTHING... NOTHING I DO is enough for her to believe she will be happy with me and safe and loved. This will be my downfall, I will NOT give up on her but idk what to do.............


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