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Friday, October 5, 2007

Wow... I always thought I was ugly... I still do but... lately i've been getting some good vibes from girls lately...

I already have two that are... well they say that they are in love with me and I know they are... but I don't want to hurt them.

I like them to but I don't think im good enough for anyone. They felt the same way about me but I don't see how...

One girl is this REALLY attractive like... uhh... well I hate stereotyping but she's like some goth, rocker, emo chick who is REALLY HOT! And she think's she's not good enough for me and think's she's really ugly... but she's not... CLEARLY she's not!

The other girl feel's the same way and she has... well... some interesting "features" let's just say that. And she doesn't even think she's good enough for me either... but I never said that to her, she said it first...

Not only that but... well I don't know about this one but yesterday I asked this girl for a pen because I had forgot my stuff at home (because I was up until 3 something the night before talking to that rocker goth girl I was talking about earlier) and she didn't have one so I was like oh well (I got one eventually). But today, this girl that I never talk to that wears her clothing like a very casual mature person smiled at me when she looked back for no specific reason like any other normal day and I thought *That was new... especially coming from her.* Then when I was taking a test and I was looking at the boared trying to remember what a word ment and I said "Damn I know this word, what is it?" then she turned and smiled and said "Do you need help?" I said "yeah" then she said "On which one?" then the teacher started talking and we both got scared. After the test, we were laughing about something and she must have heard me laugh and said "*** *** that you" and I said "what" then it went back and forth for a while until she said nevermind and smiled. She seems so mature and I never talked to her before, I don't even think she knew I sat close to behind her.

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