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Friday, April 21, 2006

   Its-a Miracle!!!!
Well, I've known that for a while now, but, today, I have done what I've never done before!...
I got off my lazy arse and fixed my compter!!!!!

I know, shocker isn't it? Haha, just kiddin, peoples! Finally, I have access to the internet in my room again! Yipee! And once again, I can return to my rightful duties as hostess!
... and do the remainder of my heaven assignemt at home
(heaven assignment= 20 FRQ/history essays, all due this Wed) Darn! I kinda enjoyed staying after school and messing around with jeremy instead of working on those essays!

Well, its spring break for me right now... but it wont be for long, unfortunately. I have loads to tell you guys, (chances are I'll only end up telling half of it, though) However, tonite, I am pooped! Tomorrow I shall start anew! I['m exited, my computer is like brand new again, just except for the fact it doesn't smell good like before.... and I'm bummed cause I lost all my NIRVANA music! (NOooOOoOo....)
Okay then, people. Tomorrow, expect a visit from me, cause I'm back! But for now, its nite-time!

Love and Peace

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