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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

YES! That's right buys and gals!

or, at least, over ^^

I turned in my last assignment today, which means these last three days are just kickback! WAHOO!!!!
Yep yep yep....
Well, nothing much other than work work WORK, since my last post. I'm going to try to fix up my computer this weekend, which I'll be able to relax on. Last weekend I went to a church retreat over at Santa Barbara. God, the view was BEAUTIFUL! On one side you could see the mountains rising above your head, and on the other you saw the whole city, and farther on you could see the ocean and the channel islands emerging from the horizon. My doorm room was facing the east and I was able to see the sunrise every morning. And not to mention all the spiritual stuff we did. It made me feel good. It really did ^^
Okay, I have kind of a crisis in my hands. My friend broke up with her cheating boyfriend and is heartbroken, and I want to help her. So you guys stay tight, and remember, its no use crying over spilled milk when there's still a gallonful in the fridge...
Love and Peace

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