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Monday, November 14, 2005

   I'm late...
Well, hello people. How are you all? Me? I'm terribly, terribly sick. I've been sick with a cold/asthma for a little over two weeks now. And homework... damn! I have so much, I get lost in it! And, as usual, my computer is still down... (figures)
Well, this is more like a report saying "yeah, I'm still here, and no, I'm not dead!" Nothing much has been going on. I have the huge November show for ballet folklorico this weekend, which is going to kick arse... if I'm not too sick to attend (>_<)
And what about anime?
Man! Anyone seen that "yu gi oh GX"?!? I can't believe they did that. They totally killed yu gi oh. Its really REALLY bad... as in the negative form of the word bad...
Naruto! YESH! Finally, I can watch Naruto. Its pretty good. I like the animation in the fighting scenes. Pretty kewl. I try not to miss it on the weekends.
Two weeks ago there was a new anime on toonami. Can't figure out the correct alliteration, I think its IG PIX? Its that one with the weird racing machines. Yeah, the game might be a little weird, but the animation is really pretty. I like the style, and the theme looks promising. It might not be the best in the world, but I enjoy watching it...
Oh dude!
The other day I was at the mall helping out setting the Chrismas trees for community service. I stopped by the book store and took a look at the magnas. Then I found the Hellsing magna (note, I've never watched Hellsing) I got all exited cause I've heard alot about it and it seemed really interesting. I check to see how much it was... 13.99, which is like 4 more bucks than what I'm used to paying for the inuyasha magnas... I want to save up my money and buy a couple of volumes, but right now I only have ten bucks to spoil myself with.
Okay then. I think this is enough for today. I'll try to get back at you guys by next week, or even better, before the week ends. As for now, stay safe! *wink wink!*

Love, Peace, Eggrolls and Grease
~~Sakura Ryuu

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