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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

   I'm so tired
Well, once again, here I am, computer-less and completeley stressed out. The end of term one is this friday, and I'm completeley overloaded with homework.!!!
Okay. I have to tell you guys this! For second block, Mr.Wise gave us this huge report that usually would take one at least a week to complete: he gave us three days! I got into this huge argument with him, and, because he is a tyrant, he won....
or at least, for now...
In my Genetics class, I took home some viles of fruit flies that we've been breeding and don't need any more and have been lying around for a couple of weeks. There's thousands of flies on both viles, one vile have winged flies, and the others are wing-less. What I'm going to do is release the fies in Mr.Wise's class. The wingless flies I'm going to let go on his desk, so they're all over his stuff... The winged flies are going to fly all over his head! Both are going tpo give him hell...And its all for revenge on that stupid project!
***evil music is playing***

So yeah! That's my highlight of the week. I'll come back and tell you guys how it works out. I just hope I don't get caught!*evil giggle*

I wuv you guys! Take carez
~~Sakura Ryuu

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