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Friday, August 12, 2005

   my classes
Yep yep yep! I went over today to school and got my schedule for the next term. I am taking...
A-block: AVID
1st block:AP Us History
2nd: AP English
3rd: Genetics (we get to mutate and hybrid fruit flies in this class ^^)
and Z-block: Ballet Folklorico

Yeah. I'm getting either art or photo, math anal, and french 3 next semsester (we have two semesters in one school year, so I'll be switching classes after winter break) I want to take AP computers, cause we learn about advanced HTML, JavaScript, and some CCS in that class, along with a bunch of other junk, and we even get to design the school's page, so that's awesome. But if I take that class, I won't be able to take draft and design (I want to take that class cause Kohler teaches it!!!)... and cause I like drafting here and there... (and kohler teaches it!!!)
Ho-hum. Other than that, life's going smooth. I already know I have Lindsey for 3rd, Gaby for 2nd, and my AviD class for A-block. (Its not going to be the same without my teacher, mr.Ilac, there anymore. He was like my uncle...) I'll call up Didiana and the twins tomorrow and see what other classes we have together.

Alrighty then. I think that's enough about my boring life for today. But before, take this with ya...

"What a pathetic group of losers"
Oh yeah! You can never have too much Cowboy Bebop in the house!!!
Okay then. Take care ppls!
luve and Peace
~~Sakura Ryuu

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