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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

   Holy Mofo am I sunburned!!!
Yep yep yep! Sunday night while I was showering I realized how burned I got at the festival. It shucks!!! :'( I wanna cry, my arms hurt every time I move them. Well, it doesn't hurt much anymore, but it did yesterday. Every time my skin stretched it freaken' hurted...
But continuing. More people gave me happy b-day wishes! Thanks you guys!!! *^0^* I also got these!

from Link's lil Faerie. So soft and pretty, isn't it?! ^^
from Dark Kiba So cute! *points at Kilala*

Yep! Thanks you guys.*hugs all*
Okay, other than that.. hrmm... GAH! School starts on the 17'th! NOooOOo! But then again, I'm gone to L.A. again for another competition on the 28'th, so that isn't too bad. But still... I don't wanan go back to school!!!
Ho-hum. So, when do YOU guys go back to school?(for those who are still in school..)
In other news... My micro-stereo KICKS ARSE!!! *^O^* Yep yep yep! Its so small, its amazing! And it has this miniature control, the size of a credit card! And so light! WeeEE! I'm so exited! ^^
Okay then. Nothing more to say really. I have to go get din-din in the oven, and I'll come back in a bit to visit you guys!
Luves and Peace
ps, I had one of those hostess chocolate cupcakes for the first time in ages... it was HEAVEN! ^^

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