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Monday, August 8, 2005

   my birthday!
yeah... It kinda suxed v_v
Well, I had to work all day at this Summer Fiesta thinggy that the church had going on today. Its basically this huge fair without the rides and with alot more religious propaganda running about. And I had to work... by force, not volunteraly, so I could finish my service projects this year...
I did, however, get a 1 hr break between my double-shifts to go eat at home. My family was there,.. to see ME, but they only saw me for half an hour as I swallowed as many tortillas as I could before I was forced back to work. When I came back, everyone had left exept for my grampa and my aunt. I opened my presents (I got a micro-stereo from my parents, so FINALLY, no more alluminum-foil antennas... several gift-cards from my aunts, this cute school-set thingy from pirates of the carribean from my little brother, and a bag full of random beauty stuff from my aunt) Not bad, I say. Then I blew my candles from my cake (it was this cute purse-cake that my aunt made for me ^^) What sucked was that we didn't even cut the cake. My grandpa was too full and I felt kinda sick from being in the sun all day. So yeah, my day wasn't the best.
But then I log onto here and find these little numbers!!!

Thanks Animefreak1234567! Its so pretty ^^

from Lordsesshomaru! So thoughtful of you!

And, from inuyasha311! *stares at sparkles with glee!*

I also checked my comments and saw all those happy b-day wishes from everyone else. Thanks, you guys! *hugs all*
Okay then. I am pooped out today. I think I'm going to shower, and then go straight to bed... even if its like 8:30 right now. You guys have fun the rest of the weekend, and I'll talk to you tomorrow!
And thanks again you guys! ^^
Luve and Peace

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