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Saturday, August 6, 2005

   HAPPY (almost) BIRTHDAY to MEEEE!!!
Yep yep yep! One more day and it wil be my birthday! HOOPAH!
Lol, take a look at my stats on the menu over there <---------- Notice anything strange? Lol, I was wondering if anyone would catch that there isn't a 31's of Nov, but so far, no one has. But to lead you out of my trichery, yes, my b-day is TOMOrroW!! *w00t*
Okay, enough about that. man, I've noticed that I post about twice a week. That's not enough! I need to post more.. MORE! And now that I'm about to start school, I'll be able to post LESS! (I have one more week of summer vacation... isn't that just so sad?) v_v
Oh happyer news! I finished playing my first video game that did not include rescuing the princess or collecting the fruit. Instead, I used Tactical Espionage Action (tun tun tuuuun!) yep, I finally finished MGS2 (even though it took me like 12 hrs to finish the plant chapter!!!) I was dissapointed in the end, though. I had so many questions, like:1. What happened to Arsenal? 2. Is Rose really a spy for the patriots and is she really willing to have raiden's child?!? and 3. AM I REALLY THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS OTACON IS SEXY?!?!? 0.0
(sorry, last one=inside joke)
Okay then. Nothing more to post, really. You guys have a splendid weekend... I know I will ^^
Rock Hard, Live Steady
You only do it once a lifetime!
~~Sakura Ryuu
ps, no one guessed who the guy was in my last post. if anyone cares, he was Napolen Bonaparte, my idol! (haha, jk)

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