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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Well, so sorry I haven't been on for a while. Yesterday I didn't even turn on the computer at all (I know... a shoker!) I guess I've just gotten bored of following the same routine every day. So instead, yesterday I spent most of my free time drawing and playing video games...
Hmm, nothing much happening, really. I wasn't allowed at all to go to my friend's birthday pary , which sucked. I did, however, got to talk to one of his friends online. His name is Froshy (and I have no idea what his real name is...) he seems like a nice dude, although I was bummed out cause I wasn't able to meet him face to face. But we already said as soon as he comes back into town we'll arange something so we can meet finally, face to face.
Heh, a lot of you guys didn't know who Otacon was. He's not important, really. He's a character from the video game I'm playing right now (MTG2) He's the guy in my last post who was saying "I love twinkies" and who is mostly known for wetting his pants and sleeping with his stepmom! *weee-i mean- grooooos!*
I have an idea. I'll post a picture below, and you guys will have to guess who it is. Winner may get something weird and... unknown yet. But you'll get something. Lets just hope the picture isn't neither too hard or too easy...

Yep yep yep! The person who can correctly identify THIS handsome devil is sure to win some banner with greedy self-promotion...

I'll give you guys a clue. I tried stealing this picture from my history book. Have fun guessing!
Alrighty then. I'll talk to you guys later. I'm going to go get myself a twinkie from the freezer *^.^*
~~Sakura Ryuu

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