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Saturday, July 30, 2005

thanks you guys
Well, today I've been feeling much better than I did two days ago. I still feel a little like "meh", but I think its cause I'm stuck in the house. Sitarose told me it helps to break stuff, and I was chopping wood for a while, untill I felt better. I really want to thanks those who commented and tried to cheer me up! ^^ *hugs*

My dad didn't want to give me permission to go to my friend Lee's house for his birthday party this weekend. His excuse? Its the lamest... Lee is a guy. If lee was born a female, or perhaps even a he-she, no problem! But NOooOOo... my dad doesn't allow his "little girl" out to boy's houses, even if its a birthday party and the boy already has a girlfriend..
Oh wells. Nothing much to say, really. I have a picture...

I was making fun of Lee online cause his icon on the messenger had a picture of his doll from Gaia that said "I love Kyrie" (kyrie is his girlfriend) So I did this one for myself. Yep yep yep (I know... its not funny for you guys) Man, I can't believe Otacon slept with his stepmom!(I'll let you guys guess who's Otacon if you don't know...)

Okay peoples. I think its time for me to hit the bed once again! You guys... stay safe!
Luv and Peace

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