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Monday, July 25, 2005

   randomness and unhealthy obsessions!
Hello peoples. Sorry I wasn't on most of the weekend. It was my mom's birthday and we had guests running around the house. It was fun... but it took alot of time and energy. So yeah.
This weekend (right before the party began) I was bored and I couldn't get online cause my mom was waiting for a call from my sis. So I decided to do this little number...

I was doing it to put it on my Gaia signature (btw, my screenname is Vertigo_Kira if anyone wants to contact me on Gaia...) But I think its a little too big. Haha, my friend Lee pointed out to me the fact that I'm obsessed with men that have womanly characteristics (like long hair and shtuff) and I wanted to put something that showed that obsession when I remembered the logo from THAT (which, btw, YOU should join!)So yeah... I truly do believe my girly man can kick your manly man's ass! w00t!
Okay my Otakuians. Nothing much to say anymore. I'm going to visit you guys in a bit. Lates!

I got another confession to make!...
I'm a fool...

(Foo Fighters- Is Someone Taking the Best)
~~Sakura Ryuu

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