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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Well, today I was sick, and its all ryo-oki's fault!!! (haha, how can someone make another person get sick via the internet???) But yeah. I have a sore throat, and my nose hurts. Jonson told me a few weeks ago that I might have a sinus infection, and sent me to get x-rays of my nose. I have my appointment for that on friday, and another one with Camacho for my sore throat tomorrow.
Well, the speech, I didn't do it. Cause I got sick! YAY SICKNESS *hugs ryo-oki* BUT, the chick in charge of it told me to do it on monday. So I STILL have to do it *sigh*
Well, anyways, the newsflash. I thought I was the only one at school who liked anime. Untill yeshterday. Nicolas was dancing with janet behind me and graciela in dance class. He tried striking a conversation with Janet. Ze Topic: anime. Janet (rather lazily) admitted to watching a bit, until Nicolas began with cowboy bebop and she was just like "I don't get that show..." That was the last for me. I turned around and was like "HOW could you not get cowboy bebop?!?" then we started talking about it and were all hyped up about it till nicolas mentioned Naturo and everyone was silent. Apparently, I'm not the only one who hasn't had the pleasure of watching Naturo. But yeah. Now I know I'll be able to watch some anime on our trip to texas. Haha, we were making fun of nicolas and how he's gonna be the only guy who's will be going to Texas with us, until he pointed out the fact that he was going to get a room all to himself and how the rest of us were gonna have to share the same room. Then we were all silent... again. Its so not fair. The guys always get the better treatments in ballet folklorico. For our presentation at the mall last month, they got an actuall dressroom with two mirrors and a table full of food. And while the four guys were pigging out in their dressing room, the girls had to use a cold, empty storage room with a cement floor and no furniture nor mirrors. So sad...
Oh wellz. Well, I'm tired, and I need my sleep. I guess I'll talk to you guys on saturday, cause I need to work on my speech the rest of the week. So for now... good bye and good nite!
Love and Peace
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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